Carvery Restaurants

If you are looking for a good meal experience in Britain, find a carvery restaurant. A chef carves meat from usually three different roasts such as beef, turkey and pork, and you can eat as many vegetables as you want. It’s a great way to have a real British meal at a reasonable price, and you can have some great British beers there also.3種類のローストから目の前でシェフが切り分け、ローストポテトや野菜は食べ放題、値段は各レストランで違いますが、10-20ポンドで、ランチが食べられます。イギリスビールと一緒にいかがですか。

The chain that I can recommend personally is The Great British Carvery. They have many carvery restaurants/pubs in and around London. Here is their branch in central London. 

Here are two I have found on the Internet near London at a very reasonable price:

Windsor: Toby Carvery

London E11 (near the Olympics): Toby Carvery

Here are some a little more expensive, in central London. You can expect a higher level of dining experience at these restaurants, but still at a reasonable price for London:

Strand Carvery

The George

St James Carvery

Rubens Hotel Carvery