Flatmates Episode 73

Information about The Flatmates: <a href=”https://rees-english.com/members-only-the-flatmates/”>Flatmates Introduction</a>
This is Episode 73 of BBC’s audio soap opera “The Flatmates”.

1. What word used means a very quick visit?
2. What word used means chat?
3. So, according to the two speakers, which is “the main event”, Christmas or New Year?

Feel free to type your answers below(or ask any questions about Flatmates) at any time.

1 Comment on “Flatmates Episode 73

  1. 1. “Pop over to”
    2. “Chinwag”
    3. Christmas is. When Alice was invited for Christmas and New Year, she said, “…you know I’m working over the New Year, so I’ll have to come back before you do,” and Tim replied, “Yeah, but at least you won’t be on your own for the main event.” This means that leaving before New Year is not so bad because Christmas is the main event.

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