Flatmates Episode 79

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This is Episode 79 of BBC’s audio soap opera “The Flatmates”.

This episode contains as many idioms as the writers could find!
1. What idiom used means “speak the truth”?
2. What idiom used means “get over the problem/stop worrying about the problem”?
3. What idiom used means “make a decision to change”?
4. What idiom used means “not knowing what to do”?
5. What idiom used means “enjoy yourself”?
6. What idiom used means “become organised”?

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1 Comment on “Flatmates Episode 79

  1. 1. “to call a spade a spade”
    2. “to pull yourself together”
    3. ” to turn over a new leaf ”
    4. “got into a bit of a rut”
    5. “to let your hair down”
    6. “get your act together”

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