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"Would I Lie To You?" 2020-1月-20

News Exercise #316 2020-1月-14

News Exercise #315 2020-1月-08

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News Exercise #313 2019-12月-24

News Exercise #312 2019-12月-17

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H2G2 2019-11月-21

News Exercise #308 2019-11月-19

News Exercise #307 2019-11月-12

OFAH: Trigger In The Dark 2019-11月-09

News Exercise #306 2019-11月-05

News Exercise #305 2019-10月-29

OFAH: Millionaires at last! 2019-10月-25

News Exercise #304 2019-10月-22

News Exercise #303 2019-10月-15

OFAH: Coffee or Gravy? 2019-10月-11

News Exercise #302 2019-10月-08

News Exercise #301 2019-10月-01

News Exercise #300 2019-9月-25

OFAH: Paint Scam 2 2019-9月-13

News Exercise #299 2019-9月-10

News Exercise #298 2019-9月-03

Study Apps for Smartphone 2019-8月-30

OFAH: Chandelier 2019-8月-30

News Exercise #297 2019-8月-27

OFAH: Batman 2019-8月-23

News Exercise #296 2019-8月-20

News Exercise #295 2019-8月-13

OFAH: Del's gambling problem 2019-8月-09

News Exercise #294 2019-8月-06

News Exercise #293 2019-7月-30

OFAH: Rodney's Super-Fast Political Career 2019-7月-26

News Exercise #292 2019-7月-23

OFAH: Anything for a Mate 2019-7月-19

Recent poor English from natives 2019-7月-18

News Exercise #291 2019-7月-16

OFAH: Del's paint scam 2019-7月-12

News exercise #290 2019-7月-09

OFAH: Del's Poker Face 2019-7月-05

News Exercise #289 2019-7月-02

OFAH: Rodney's girlfriend 2019-6月-28

News Exercise 288 2019-6月-25

OFAH: Del's Deal 2019-6月-21

News Exercise #287 2019-6月-18

OFAH: Trigger's Dodgy Briefcases 2019-6月-14

News Exercise #286 2019-6月-11

OFAH: Rodney's £25 Banger 2019-6月-07

BBC's Only Fools & Horses (OFAH) 2019-6月-05

News Exercise #285 2019-6月-04

News Exercise #284 2019-5月-28

News Exercise #283 2019-5月-21

News Exercise #282 2019-5月-14

News Exercise #281 2019-5月-07

News Exercise #280 2019-4月-23

News Exercise #279 2019-4月-16

Interesting words: Mint 2019-4月-10

News Exercise #278 2019-4月-09

Audio Files 2019-4月-03

News Exercise #277 2019-4月-02

News Exercise #276 2019-3月-26

Grammar Exercise (Original Text) 2019-3月-25

Message Sent 2019-3月-23

News Exercise #275 2019-3月-19

News Exercise #274 2019-3月-05

Flatmates Update 2019-2月-22

News Exercise #273 2019-2月-19

Cheap Trick talking about "Live at Budokan" album 2019-2月-16

Flatmates Episode 204 2019-2月-15

News Exercise #272 2019-2月-12

Flatmates episode 203 2019-2月-08

News Exercise #271 2019-2月-05

Flatmates Episode 202 2019-2月-01

News Exercise #270 2019-1月-29

Flatmates Episode 201 2019-1月-25

News Exercise #269 2019-1月-22

News exercise #268 2019-1月-13

Flatmates Episode 200 2019-1月-11

News Exercise #267 2019-1月-09

Flatmates Episode 199 2019-1月-04

Cockney Music Comedy Sketch 2018-12月-28

Flatmates Episode 198 2018-12月-28

News Exercise #266 2018-12月-25

Flatmates Episode 197 2018-12月-21

News Exercise #265 2018-12月-18

Flatmates Episode 196 2018-12月-14

News Exercise #264 2018-12月-11

News Exercsie #263 2018-12月-04

Newspaper Typo #10 2018-12月-02

Flatmates Episode 195 2018-11月-30

News Exercise #262 2018-11月-28

Newspaper Typo #9 2018-11月-25

Newspaper Typo #8 2018-11月-18

Blog audio (updated 11/14) 2018-11月-14

News Exercise #261 2018-11月-13

Newspaper Typo #7 2018-11月-11

Flatmates Episode 194 2018-11月-09

News Exercise #260 2018-11月-06

Newspaper Typo #6 2018-11月-04

News Exercise #259 2018-10月-30

Flatmates Episode 193 2018-10月-28

News Exercise #258 2018-10月-23

Newspaper Typo #5 2018-10月-21

Flatmates Episode 192 2018-10月-21

News Exercise #257 2018-10月-16

Newspaper Typo #4 2018-10月-14

Flatmates Episode 191 2018-10月-12

News Exercise #256 2018-10月-09

Newspaper Typo #3 2018-10月-07

Updated Grammar: -ed/-ing adjectives #3 2018-10月-03

News Exercise #255 2018-10月-02

Farewell Chas 2018-9月-30

Newspaper Typo #2 2018-9月-30

Flatmates Episode 1190 2018-9月-28

News Exercise #254 2018-9月-25

Newspaper typo 2018-9月-23

Flatmates Episode 189 2018-9月-21

New Exercise #253 2018-9月-18

Flatmates Episode 188 2018-9月-16

Interesting words: "Ps and Qs" 2018-9月-16

News Exercise #252 2018-9月-11

News Exercise #251 2018-9月-04

Flatmates Episode 187 2018-8月-31

News Exercise #250 2018-8月-28

Flatmates Episode 186 2018-8月-24

News Exercise #249 2018-8月-21

Flatmates Episode 185 2018-8月-17

Flatmates Episode 184 2018-8月-10

Interesting Words - whatnot 2018-8月-09

News Exercise #248 2018-8月-07

Flatmates Episode 183 2018-8月-03

News Exercise #247 2018-7月-31

Flatmates Episode 182 2018-7月-27

News Exercise #246 2018-7月-24

Flatmates Episode 181 2018-7月-20

News Exercise #245 2018-7月-17

Flatmates Episode 180 2018-7月-13

News Exercise #244 2018-7月-10

Interesting Words - sunnies, Aussie abbreviations 2018-7月-09

Flatmates Episode 179 2018-7月-06

News Exercise #243 2018-7月-03

Flatmates Episode 178 2018-6月-29

News Exercise #242 2018-6月-26

Interesting Words: Summerize (not summarize) 2018-6月-23

Flatmates Episode 177 2018-6月-22

News Exercise #241 2018-6月-19

Interesting words: "unpresidented" (new word) 2018-6月-17

Flatmates Episode 176 2018-6月-15

News Exercise #240 2018-6月-12

Interesting words: hullabaloo 2018-6月-10

Interesting words: doohickey 2018-6月-05

News Exercise #239 2018-6月-05

法人さま向けコース 2018-6月-04

Interesting Words: Easy peasy lemon squeezy 2018-6月-03

Flatmates Episode 175 2018-6月-01

Interesting Words: skulduggery 2018-5月-31

News Exercise #238 2018-5月-29

Flatmates Episode 174 2018-5月-25

News Exercise #237 2018-5月-22

Flatmates Episode 173 2018-5月-18

News Exercise #236 2018-5月-15

Flatmates Episode 172 2018-5月-11

News Exercise #235 2018-5月-08

Flatmates Episode 171 2018-5月-03

News Exercise #234 2018-5月-01

News Exercise #233 2018-4月-24

Flatmates Episode 170 2018-4月-20

News Exercise #232 2018-4月-17

YouTube Transcription: Eddie Izzard returns! 2018-4月-14

Flatmates Episode 169 2018-4月-13

News Exercise #231 2018-4月-10

Flatmates Episode 168 2018-4月-06

News Exercise #230 2018-4月-03

Flatmates Episode 167 2018-3月-30

News Exercise #229 2018-3月-27

Candid Camera 2018-3月-25

Flatmates Episode 166 2018-3月-23

News Exercise #228 2018-3月-20

Flatmates Episode #165 2018-3月-16

News Exercise #227 2018-3月-14

Flatmates Episode 164 2018-3月-09

News Exercise #226 2018-3月-06

Flatmates Episode 163 2018-3月-02

News Exercise #225 2018-2月-27

Flatmates Episode 162 2018-2月-23

News Exercise #224 2018-2月-20

YouTube Transcription: "Yes" in rehearsal 2018-2月-17

Flatmates Episode 161 2018-2月-16

News Exercise #223 2018-2月-13

SpaceX LIVE video 2018-2月-12

Flatmates Episode 160 2018-2月-09

News Exercise #222 2018-2月-06

Verbs derived from animals 2018-2月-02

Flatmates Episode 159 2018-2月-02

News Exercise #221 2018-1月-30

Flatmates Episode 158 2018-1月-26

News Exercise #220 2018-1月-23

Flatmates Episode 157 2018-1月-19

News Exercise #219 2018-1月-16

Flatmates Episode 156 2018-1月-12

News Exercise #218 2018-1月-09

Flatmates Episode 155 2018-1月-05

Flatmates Episode 154 2017-12月-29

News Exercise #217 2017-12月-26

My Favourite Christmas Song 2017-12月-24

Flatmates Episode 153 2017-12月-22

News Exercise #216 2017-12月-19

Flatmates Episode 152 2017-12月-16

Contronyms 2017-12月-13

News Exercise #215 2017-12月-12

Flatmates Episode 151 2017-12月-08

News Exercise #214 2017-12月-05

Flatmates Episode 150 2017-12月-01

News Exercise #213 2017-11月-28

Flatmates Episode 149 2017-11月-25

Unexpected 2nd meanings 2017-11月-22

News Exercise 212 2017-11月-21

David Mitchell: Shakespeare's Cliches (updated) 2017-11月-19

Flatmates Episode 148 2017-11月-17

News Exercise 211 2017-11月-14

Flatmates Episode 147 2017-11月-10

News Exercise #210 2017-11月-07

Flatmates Episode 146 2017-11月-03

News Exercise #209 2017-10月-31

Flatmates Episode 145 2017-10月-27

News Exercise #208 2017-10月-24

YouTube Video: Trevor Noah on Trump 2017-10月-22

Anagrams 2017-10月-22

Flatmates Episode 144 2017-10月-20

News Exercise #207 2017-10月-17

Flatmates Episode 143 2017-10月-13

News Exercise #206 2017-10月-10

Conkers 2017-10月-06

Flatmates Episode 142 2017-10月-06

News Exercise #205 2017-10月-03

Flatmates Episode 141 2017-9月-29

Compound Words 2017-9月-27

News Exercise #204 2017-9月-26

Flatmates Episode 140 2017-9月-22

News Exercise #203 2017-9月-19

YouTube Transcription Tim Vine Part 2 2017-9月-17

Flatmates Episode 139 2017-9月-16

News Exercise #202 2017-9月-12

Flatmates Episode 138 2017-9月-08

YouTube Transcription: Tim Vine aka The Pun Slinger 2017-9月-06

News Exercise #201 2017-9月-05

YouTube Transcription: Only Fools & Horses street vendor 2017-9月-03

Flatmates Episode 137 2017-9月-01

News Exercise #200 2017-8月-29

Flatmates Episode 136 2017-8月-25

News Exercise #199 2017-8月-22

Flatmates Episode 135 2017-8月-18

News Exercise #198 2017-8月-15

Flatmates Episode 134 2017-8月-11

Chas & Dave - Margate 2017-8月-10

News exercise #197 2017-8月-08

Flatmates Episode 133 2017-8月-04

News Exercise #196 2017-8月-01

Crossword #8 2017-7月-31

Flatmates Episode 132 2017-7月-30

News Exercise #195 2017-7月-25

Flatmates Episode 131 2017-7月-14

News Exercise #194 2017-7月-11

Flatmates Episode 130 2017-7月-07

Viz Joke #7 2017-7月-05

News Exercise #193 2017-7月-04

Flatmates Episode 129 2017-6月-30

Crossword #7 2017-6月-28

News Exercise #192 2017-6月-27

Flatmates Episode 128 2017-6月-23

Viz Joke #6 2017-6月-21

News Exercise #191 2017-6月-20

Flatmates Episode 127 2017-6月-16

Viz Joke #5 2017-6月-15

News Exercise #190 2017-6月-13

YouTube Comment snapshot 2017-6月-09

Flatmates Episode 126 2017-6月-09

Crossword #6 2017-6月-08

Viz Joke #4 2017-6月-07

News Exercise #189 2017-6月-06

Flatmates Episode 125 2017-6月-02

Viz Joke #3 2017-5月-31

News Exercise #188 2017-5月-30

Flatmates Episode 124 2017-5月-26

Viz joke #2 2017-5月-25

Crossword #5 2017-5月-24

News Exercise #187 2017-5月-23

Flatmates Episode 122 2017-5月-19

Viz joke #1 2017-5月-18

Crossword #4 2017-5月-17

News Exercise #186 2017-5月-17

Flatmates Episode 121 2017-5月-13

Crossword #3 2017-5月-10

News Exercise #185 2017-5月-09

Flatmates Episode 120 2017-5月-05

Crossword #2 2017-5月-03

Flatmates Episode 119 2017-4月-28

Crossword #1 2017-4月-27

News Exercise #184 2017-4月-25

Flatmates Episode 118 2017-4月-21

Flatmates Episode 117 2017-4月-14

YouTube Transcription: Homeopoathy 2017-4月-14

News Exercise #183 2017-4月-11

Flatmates Episode 116 2017-4月-07

YouTube transcription: Pulling 2017-4月-05

Flatmates Episode 115 2017-3月-31

News Exercise #182 2017-3月-28

Flatmates Episode 114 2017-3月-24

News Exercise #181 2017-3月-21

YouTube Transcription - Big Bang Theory 2017-3月-20

Flatmates Episode 113 2017-3月-17

News Exercise #180 2017-3月-14

Flatmates Episode 112 2017-3月-10

YouTube transcription 2017-3月-09

News Exercise #179 2017-3月-07

Flatmates Episode 111 2017-3月-03

YouTube Transcription - Carl Sagan 2017-3月-01

News Exercise #178 2017-2月-28

Flatmates Episode 110 2017-2月-24

News Exercise #177 2017-2月-21

YT Video Topic: Richard Ayoade (again) 2017-2月-17

Flatmates Episode 109 2017-2月-17

News Exercise #176 2017-2月-14

Flatmates Episode 108 2017-2月-10

Place Titles 2017-2月-08

News Exercise #175 2017-2月-07

Flatmates Episode 107 2017-2月-03

News Exercise #174 2017-1月-31

YT Video Topic: Jay Leno's J-Walking updated 2017-1月-29

Flatmates Episode 106 2017-1月-27

Indirect Statements and Questions 2017-1月-25

News Exercise #173 Obama's Farewell 2017-1月-24

Flatmates Episode 105 2017-1月-20

News Exercise #172 2017-1月-18

Flatmates Episode 104 2017-1月-13

YT Video Topic: Jamie Oliver updated 2017-1月-12

Gerund or Infinitive 2017-1月-11

News Exercise #171 2017-1月-10

Flatmates Episode 103 2017-1月-06

Flatmates Episode 102 2016-12月-30

Countable/Uncountable 2016-12月-28

News Exercise #170 2016-12月-27

Flatmates Episode 101 2016-12月-23

YT Video Topic - Richard Ayoade (updated) 2016-12月-22

If or When? 2016-12月-21

News Exercise #169 2016-12月-20

Flatmates Episode 100 2016-12月-16

Passives 2016-12月-14

News Exercise #168 2016-12月-13

Flatmates Episode 99 2016-12月-11

Past Simple/Past continuous 2016-12月-07

News Exercise #167 2016-12月-06

Flatmates Episode 98 2016-12月-02

YT Video Topic - Tom Hanks update 2016-12月-01

Adjectives ending with -ed or -ing 2016-11月-30

News Exercise #166 2016-11月-29

Flatmates Episode 97 2016-11月-26

Reflexive Pronouns 2016-11月-23

News Exercise #165 2016-11月-22

Flatmates Episode 96 2016-11月-18

New Weekly Feature 2016-11月-16

Confusable Words "too" and "very" 2016-11月-16

News Exercise #164 2016-11月-15

Flatmates Episode 95 2016-11月-11

YouTube Transcription #96 (the brilliant) Stephen Fry 2016-11月-10

Confusable Words "until" and "by" 2016-11月-09

News Exercise #163 2016-11月-08

Flatmates Episode 94 2016-11月-04

YouTube transcription #95 "Sport Relief" 2016-11月-03

Relative Pronouns 2016-11月-02

Flatmates Episode 93 2016-10月-28

Conjunctions 2016-10月-26

News Exercise #161 2016-10月-25

Flatmates Episode 92 2016-10月-21

YouTube Transcription #94 Taking The Flak 2016-10月-20

News Exercise #160 2016-10月-18

Flatmates Episode 91 2016-10月-14

Wish 2 2016-10月-12

News Exercise #159 2016-10月-11

Flatmates Epsiode 90 2016-10月-07

Opposites? 2016-10月-06

Wish 1 2016-10月-05

News Exercise #158 2016-10月-04

Snapshots of London 2016-10月-03

Flatmates Episode 89 2016-9月-30

News Exercise #157 2016-9月-27

Flatmates Episode 88 2016-9月-23

YouTube Transcription #93 Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 2016-9月-22

News Exercise #156 2016-9月-20

Flatmates Episode 87 2016-9月-16

YouTube Transcription #92 Do You Speak English? 2016-9月-15

News Exercise #155 2016-9月-13

Flatmates Episode 86 2016-9月-09

Funny English - Ricky Gervais Joke 2016-9月-08

News Exercise #154 2016-9月-06

Flatmates Episode 85 2016-9月-04

YouTube Transcription #91 H2G2 2016-9月-01

Illogical English #21 2016-8月-31

News Exercise #153 2016-8月-30

Flatmates Episode 84 2016-8月-26

Illogical English #20 2016-8月-24

News Exercise #152 2016-8月-23

Flatmates Episode 83 2016-8月-19

YouTube Transcription #90 Olympic Hide & Seek 2016-8月-18

Illogical English #19 2016-8月-17

News Exercise #151 2016-8月-16

Flatmates Episode 82 2016-8月-12

YouTube transcription #89 Cricket 2016-8月-11

Illogical English #18 Oxymoron 2016-8月-10

News Exercise #150 2016-8月-10

Flatmates Episode 81 2016-8月-05

YouTube transcription #88 When was the US great? 2016-8月-04

Illogical English #17 2016-8月-03

News Exercise #149 2016-8月-02

Flatmates Episode 80 2016-7月-29

YouTube Transcription #87 Mitchell and Webb 2016-7月-28

Illogical English #16 2016-7月-27

News Exercise #148 2016-7月-26

Flatmates Episode 79 2016-7月-22

Play, do, go etc. 2016-7月-21

Illogical English #15 2016-7月-20

News Exercise #147 2016-7月-19

Flatmates Episode 78 2016-7月-15

YouTube transcription #86 The Daily Show 2016-7月-14

Illogical English #14 2016-7月-13

News Exercise #146 2016-7月-12

Flatmates Episode 77 2016-7月-08

YouTube Transcription #85 Ghost Town 2016-7月-07

Illogical English #13 2016-7月-06

News Exercise #145 2016-7月-05

Flatmates Episode 76 2016-7月-01

Great Prices at Iceland! 2016-6月-29

Illogical English #12 2016-6月-29

News exercise #144 2016-6月-28

Flatmates Episode 75 2016-6月-24

Illogical English #11 2016-6月-22

News Exercise #143 2016-6月-21

Flatmates Episode 74 2016-6月-17

YouTube Transcription #84 The Office 2016-6月-16

Illogical English #10 2016-6月-15

New Exercise #142 2016-6月-14

Flatmates Episode 73 2016-6月-10

Illogical English #9 2016-6月-08

News Exercise #141 2016-6月-07

Flatmates Episode 72 2016-6月-03

Illogical English #8 2016-6月-01

News Exercise #140 2016-5月-31

Flatmates Episode 71 2016-5月-27

YouTube Transcription #83 - Anglophenia 2016-5月-26

Illogical English #7 2016-5月-25

News Exercise #139 2016-5月-24

Flatmates Episode 70 2016-5月-20

YouTube Transcription #82 Cockney Star Trek 2016-5月-19

Illogical English #6 2016-5月-18

News Exercise #138 2016-5月-17

Flatmates Episode 69 2016-5月-13

YouTube Transcription #81 "Cassette Boy" 2016-5月-12

Illogical English #5 2016-5月-11

News Exercise #137 2016-5月-10

Flatmates Episode 68 2016-5月-06

YouTube Transcription #80 JP Sears 2016-5月-05

Illogical English #4 2016-5月-04

News Exercise #136 2016-5月-03

Flatmates Episode 67 2016-4月-29

YouTube transcription #79 Rowan Atkinson 2016-4月-28

Illogical English #3 2016-4月-27

News Exercise #135 2016-4月-26

Flatmates Episode 66 2016-4月-22

YouTube Transcription #78 Spinal Tap 2016-4月-21

Illogical English #2 2016-4月-20

News Exercise #134 2016-4月-19

YouTube Transcription #77 Marmite 2016-4月-15

Flatmates Episode 65 2016-4月-15

Illogical English #1 2016-4月-13

News Exercise #133 2016-4月-12

Comparative 1 2016-4月-11

Possessives 4 2016-4月-10

Reported Speech 1 2016-4月-08

Reported Speech 2 2016-4月-08

Flatmates Episode 64 2016-4月-08

YouTube Transcription #76 Ronnie Corbett 2016-4月-07

English Wordplay #20 2016-4月-06

News Exercise #132 2016-4月-05

Flatmates Episode 63 2016-4月-01

YouTube transcription #75 Victor Borge 2016-3月-31

For or Since 2 2016-3月-30

English Wordplay #19 2016-3月-30

News Exercise #131 2016-3月-29

Flatmates Episode 62 2016-3月-25

English Wordplay #18 2016-3月-23

YouTube Transcription #74 Marathon Man - Eddie Izzard 2016-3月-22

News Exercise #130 2016-3月-22

Flatmates Episode 61 2016-3月-18

YouTube Transcription #73 Jimmy Fallon 2016-3月-18

English Wordplay #17 2016-3月-16

News Exercise #129 2016-3月-15

Passives 3 2016-3月-14

Flatmates Episode 60 2016-3月-11

YouTube Transcription #72 Monty Python 2016-3月-10

Rees English Original Texts 2016-3月-09

English Wordplay #16 2016-3月-09

News Exercise #128 2016-3月-08

Flatmates Episode 59 2016-3月-04

YouTube Transcription #71 The Big Bang Theory 2016-3月-03

English Wordplay #15 2016-3月-02

News Exercise #127 2016-3月-01

Transitive/Intransitive 2016-2月-28

Flatmates Episode 58 2016-2月-26

So/Neither 2016-2月-26

Present Perfect or Past Simple 3 2016-2月-25

YouTube Transcription #70 Big Bang Theory 2016-2月-25

English Wordplay #14 2016-2月-24

News Exercise #126 2016-2月-23

Flatmates Episode 57 2016-2月-20

YouTube Transcription #69 Rhod Gilbert 2016-2月-18

English Wordplay #13 2016-2月-17

News Exercise #125 2016-2月-17

Flatmates Episode #56 2016-2月-17

YouTube Transcription #68 Rick Wakeman 2016-2月-17

Adjectives Ending with -ed and -ing 2016-2月-17

Adjective Order 2016-2月-17

Adverbs of Frequency 1 2016-2月-17

Adverbs 2016-2月-17

Alone / lonely / only / own (1) 2016-2月-17

Although, Despite, In Spite, Even Though 2016-2月-17

And, But, Or, Nor, Because and So 2016-2月-17

Article or No Article? 2016-2月-17

Article or No Article 2 2016-2月-17

Articles and Quantity 2016-2月-17

As Long As/ Providing/ Unless 2016-2月-17

As soon as / If / Unless 2016-2月-17

Comparatives 4 2016-2月-17

Comparatives 2 2016-2月-17

Comparatives 3 2016-2月-17

Conditional 2016-2月-17

Conditional: First 2016-2月-17

Conditionals: Second 2016-2月-17

Conditionals: Third 2016-2月-17

Confusable Words 2016-2月-17

Could and Would 2016-2月-17

Countable or Uncountable 2016-2月-17

During, While, For 2016-2月-17

Ever and Never 2016-2月-17

For or Since 2016-2月-17

Frequency Expressions 1 2016-2月-17

Frequency Expressions 2 2016-2月-17

Future - Be Going To and Will 2016-2月-17

Gerund or Infinitive 2016-2月-17

Gerund or Infinitive 2 2016-2月-17

Come / Go & Gone / Been 2016-2月-17

Have/Get Something Done 2016-2月-17

Have you ever/Did you 2016-2月-17

Help! 2016-2月-17

In / On / At 2016-2月-17

In / On / At 2 2016-2月-17

Irregular Verbs Past Tense 2016-2月-17

Irregular Verbs Past Tense 2 2016-2月-17

Making Questions 2016-2月-17

Modal Verbs 2016-2月-17

Overstatement 2016-2月-17

Passive 1 2016-2月-17

Passive 2 2016-2月-17

Past Modals 2016-2月-17

Past Perfect and Past Simple 2016-2月-17

Past Perfect with Because 2016-2月-17

Past Simple or Past Continuous 2016-2月-17

Wish 1 2016-2月-17

Wish 3 2016-2月-16

Wish 2 2016-2月-16

Why? 2016-2月-16

Used to/any more/no longer/still 2016-2月-16

Until and By 2016-2月-16

Transitive or Intransitive? 2016-2月-16

Too or So/Very 2016-2月-16

This, That, These and Those; It and They 2016-2月-16

This, That, These, Those, It, They and Them 2016-2月-16

Tag Questions 2016-2月-16

Superlatives (---est / most---) 2016-2月-16

Superlatives 2016-2月-16

Still, yet, already, no longer, anymore, at last 2016-2月-16

Still / Yet / Already / Just 2016-2月-16

Some or Any 2016-2月-16

Short Answers to Yes/No Questions 2016-2月-16

Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Adjective Clauses 2016-2月-16

Reported Speech 4 2016-2月-16

Reported Speech 4 - Business 2016-2月-16

Reported Speech 3 realised, noticed, found etc. 2016-2月-16

Regrets and Wishes 2016-2月-16

Reflexive Pronouns 2016-2月-16

Questions With or Without the Auxiliary Verb 2016-2月-16

Question Word Order 2016-2月-16

Quantity 2 2016-2月-16

Much, Many, Little, Few 2016-2月-16

Pronouns 2016-2月-16

Present simple or Present Continuous 2016-2月-16

Present Perfect or Past Simple 2 2016-2月-16

Present Perfect or Past Simple 2016-2月-16

Prepositions in Short Answers 2016-2月-16

Prepositions 2016-2月-16

Possessives 2016-2月-16

Possessives 3 2016-2月-16

Possessives 2 2016-2月-16

Possessives 1 2016-2月-16

Polite Requests 2016-2月-16

Phrasal Verbs 2 2016-2月-16

Phrasal Verbs 2016-2月-16

Titles and False Titles 2016-2月-16

Personal Pronouns 2016-2月-16

Permission 2 2016-2月-16

Permission 1 2016-2月-16

Adverbs of Frequency 2 2016-2月-15

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English Wordplay #13 2016-2月-10

News Exercise # 124 2016-2月-09

Flatmates Episode 55 2016-2月-05

YouTube Transcription #67 Neil deGrasse Tyson 2016-2月-04

English Wordplay #12 2016-2月-03

News Exercise #123 2016-2月-02

Flatmates Episode 54 2016-1月-29

YouTube Video Transcription #66 SHIELD 2016-1月-28

English Wordplay #11 2016-1月-27

News Exercise #122 2016-1月-26

Flatmates Episode 53 2016-1月-22

YouTube Video Transcription #65 Bowie/Gervais 2016-1月-21

English Wordplay #10 2016-1月-20

News Exercise #121 2016-1月-19

Flatmates Episode #52 2016-1月-15

YouTube Transcription #64 Rowan Atkinson 2016-1月-14

English Wordplay #9 2016-1月-13

News Exercise #120 2016-1月-12

Flatmates Episode 51 2016-1月-08

YouTube Transcription #63 Rhod Gilbert 2016-1月-07

English Wordplay #8 2016-1月-06

News Exercise #119 2016-1月-05

Flatmates Episode 50 2016-1月-01

YouTube Transcription #62 Spinal Tap 2015-12月-31

English Wordplay #7 2015-12月-30

News Exercise #118 2015-12月-29

Flatmates Episode 49 2015-12月-25

YouTube Transcription #61 Not The Nine O'Clock News 2015-12月-24

Confusable Words: Have/catch a cold 2015-12月-23

New Exercise #117 2015-12月-22

Flatmates Episode 48 2015-12月-18

YouTube Transcription #60 Morecambe and Wise 2015-12月-17

English Wordplay #6 2015-12月-16

News Exercise #116 2015-12月-15

Flatmates Episode 47 2015-12月-11

YouTube Transcription #59 Blackadder 2015-12月-10

Confusable Words: Fell, felt, felled 2015-12月-09

New Exercise #115 2015-12月-08

Flatmates Episode #46 2015-12月-04

YouTube Transcription #58 Bill Baliey 2015-12月-03

English Wordplay #5 2015-12月-02

News Exercise #114 2015-12月-01

Flatmates Episode 45 2015-11月-27

YouTube Transcription #57 Norman Collier 2015-11月-26

Confusable Words: Although/but etc. 2015-11月-25

News Exercise #113 2015-11月-24

Flatmates Episode 44 2015-11月-20

YouTube transcription #56 Warwick Davis 2015-11月-19

English Wordplay #4 2015-11月-18

News Exercise #112 2015-11月-17

Flatmates Episode 43 2015-11月-13

YouTube Transcription #55 Trevor Noah 2015-11月-12

English Wordplay #3 2015-11月-11

News Exercise #111 2015-11月-10

Flatmates Episode 42 2015-11月-06

YouTube Transcription #54 Gervais at the Emmys 2015-11月-05

English Wordplay #2 2015-11月-04

News Exercise #110 2015-11月-03

Why carved pumpkins? 2015-11月-01

Flatmates Episode 41 2015-10月-30

YouTube Transcription #53 Stella Street 2015-10月-29

English Wordplay #1 2015-10月-28

News Exercise # 109 2015-10月-27

Flatmates Episode 40 2015-10月-23

YouTube Transcription #52 Chas & Dave 2015-10月-22

Happy Back To The Future day! 2015-10月-21

News Exercise #108 2015-10月-20

Flatmates Episode 39 2015-10月-16

YouTube Transcription #51 Stephen Fry 2015-10月-15

Incorrect English in songs but not an error 2015-10月-14

News Exercise #107 2015-10月-13

Flatmates Episode 38 2015-10月-09

YouTube transcription #50 Ricky Gervais 2015-10月-08

Real Errors on Social Media #25 2015-10月-07

News Exercise #106 2015-10月-06

Flatmates Episode 37 2015-10月-02

YouTube Transcriptions #49 comedian Hugh Dennis 2015-10月-02

Incorrect native English in songs 2015-9月-30

News Exercise #105 2015-9月-29

Flatmates Episode 36 2015-9月-25

YouTube Transcriptions #48 Philosophy Football! 2015-9月-24

Funny English heavy metal vocals 2015-9月-23

News Exercise #104 2015-9月-22

Flatmates Episode 35 2015-9月-18

YouTube Transcriptions #47 Monty Python 2015-9月-17

Real English Errors on Social Media #24 2015-9月-16

News Exercise #103 2015-9月-15

Flatmates Episode #34 2015-9月-11

YouTube Transcriptions #46 Monty Python 2015-9月-10

Real English Errors on Social Media #23 2015-9月-09

News Exercise #102 2015-9月-08

Flatmates Episode #33 2015-9月-04

YouTube Transcription #45 Coupling 2015-9月-03

Real Errors on Social Media #22 2015-9月-02

News Exercise #101 2015-9月-01

Flatmates Episode 32 2015-8月-28

YouTube Transcription #44 Fawlty Towers 2015-8月-27

Real Errors on Social Media #21 2015-8月-26

News Exercise #100 2015-8月-25

Flatmates Episode #31 2015-8月-21

YouTube Transcription #43 Eddie Izzard 2015-8月-20

Real Errors On Social Media #20 2015-8月-19

News Exercise #99 2015-8月-18

Flatmates Episode #30 2015-8月-14

YouTube Transcription #42 "College Humor" 2015-8月-13

Real Errors on Social Media #19 2015-8月-12

News Exercise #98 2015-8月-11

Flatmates Episode #29 2015-8月-07

YouTube Transcription #41 Peep Show 2015-8月-06

Real errors on Social Media #18 2015-8月-05

News Exercise #97 2015-8月-04

Flatmates Episode 28 2015-7月-31

YouTube Transcription #40 Woody Allen 2015-7月-30

Real Errors on Social Media #17 2015-7月-29

News Exercise #96 2015-7月-28

Flatmates Episode 27 2015-7月-24

YouTube Transcription #40 Batman 2015-7月-23

Real Errors... on the news! 2015-7月-22

News Exercise #95 2015-7月-21

Flatmates Episode 26 2015-7月-17

YouTube Transcription #39 Blackadder 4 2015-7月-16

Real Errors on Social Media #16 2015-7月-15

News Exercise #94 2015-7月-14

Flatmates Episode #25 2015-7月-10

YouTube Transcription #38 Blackadder 3 2015-7月-09

Real Errors on Social Media #15 2015-7月-08

News Exercise #93 2015-7月-07

Flatmates Episode 24 2015-7月-03

YouTube Transcription #37 Smoking Room 2015-7月-02

Real Errors on Social Media #14 2015-7月-01

News Exercise #92 2015-6月-30

Flatmates Episode 23 2015-6月-26

YouTube Transcription #36 Last Chance To See 2015-6月-25

Real English Errors on Social Media #13 2015-6月-24

News Exercise #91 2015-6月-23

Flatmates Episode 22 2015-6月-19

YouTube Transcription #35 Peep Show 2015-6月-18

Real English Errors on Social Media #12 2015-6月-17

News Exercise #90 2015-6月-16

Flatmates Episode 21 2015-6月-12

YouTube Transcription #34 Lee Mack meets The Queen 2015-6月-11

Real English Errors on Social Media #11 2015-6月-10

News Exercise #89 2015-6月-09

Flatmates Episode 20 2015-6月-05

YouTube Transcription #33 Elton John Songwriting 2015-6月-04

Real English Errors on Social Media #10 2015-6月-03

News Exercise #88 2015-6月-02

Flatmates Episode 19 2015-5月-29

YouTube Transcription #32 Mitchell & Webb 2015-5月-28

Real English Errors on Social Media #9 2015-5月-27

News Exercise #87 2015-5月-26

A Walk in Central London 2015-5月-25

The Flatmates Episode 18 2015-5月-22

Bankside, London 2015-5月-21

The Vyne, Basingstoke 2015-5月-20

News Exercise #86 2015-5月-19

The Flatmates Episode 17 2015-5月-15

Fleet Street, London 2015-5月-14

Real English Errors on Social Media #8 2015-5月-13

News Exercise #85 2015-5月-12

St Mary Bourne, Hampshire 2015-5月-08

The Flatmates Episode 16 2015-5月-08

YouTube Transcription #31 Ricky Gervais 2015-5月-07

Real English Errors on Social Media #7 2015-5月-06

News exercise #84 2015-5月-05

The Flatmates Episode 15 2015-5月-01

YouTube Transcription #30 Life's Too Short 2015-4月-30

Real English Errors on Social Media #6 2015-4月-29

News Exercise #83 2015-4月-28

Hint for posting comments 2015-4月-26

The Flatmates Episode 14 2015-4月-24

YouTube Transcription #29 Derren Brown plays chess 2015-4月-23

Real English Errors On Social Media #5 2015-4月-22

News Exercise #82 2015-4月-21

Flatmates Episode 13 2015-4月-17

YouTube Transcription #28 Snooker 2015-4月-16

Real English Errors On Social Media #4 2015-4月-15

News Exercise #81 2015-4月-14

Flatmates Episode 12 2015-4月-10

YouTube Transcription #27 Coupling 2 2015-4月-09

Real English Errors on Social Media #3 2015-4月-08

News Exercise #80 2015-4月-07

The Flatmates Episode 11 2015-4月-03

YouTube Transcription #26 Coupling 2015-4月-02

Real English Errors on Social Media #2 2015-4月-01

News Exercise #79 2015-3月-31

Flatmates Episode 10 2015-3月-27

YouTube Transcription #25 Red Dwarf 2015-3月-26

Real English Errors on Social Media #1 2015-3月-25

News Exercise #78 2015-3月-24

The Flatmates Episode 9 2015-3月-20

YouTube Transcription #24 Fawlty Towers 2015-3月-19

News Exercise #77 2015-3月-17

The Flatmates Episode 8 2015-3月-13

YouTube Transcription #23 College Humor 2015-3月-12

News Exercise #76 2015-3月-10

The Flatmates Episode 7 2015-3月-06

YouTube Transcription #22 Derren Brown 2015-3月-06

News Exercise #75 2015-3月-03

The Flatmates Episode 6 2015-2月-27

YouTube Transcription #21 Rowan Atkinson 2015-2月-26

News Exercise #74 2015-2月-24

The Flatmates Episode 5 2015-2月-20

YouTube transcription #20 Les Dawson 2015-2月-19

News Exercise #73 2015-2月-17

What Is Cricket? 2015-2月-16

The Flatmates Episode 4 2015-2月-13

YouTube Transcription #19 Nina Conti 2015-2月-12

News Exercise #72 2015-2月-10

The Flatmates Episode 3 2015-2月-06

YouTube Transcription #18 Hugh Dennis 2015-2月-05

News Exercise #71 2015-2月-03

The Flatmates Episode 2 2015-1月-30

YouTube transcription #17 Chris James 2015-1月-29

Why is England not 'cool'? 2015-1月-28

News Exercise #70 2015-1月-27

The Flatmates Episode 1 2015-1月-23

YouTube Transcription #16 QI 2015-1月-22

British & American English (update) 2015-1月-21

News Exercise #69 2015-1月-20

The Flatmates 2015-1月-18

British Expression: It's not my cup of tea 2015-1月-16

YouTube Transcription #15 The IT Crowd 2015-1月-15

News Exercise #68 2015-1月-13

YouTube Transcription #14: Jeeves And Wooster 2015-1月-08

News Exercise #67 2015-1月-06

YouTube Transcription #13 Fawlty Towers 2015-1月-02

News Exercise #66 2014-12月-30

Expression: I'd give my right arm for... 2014-12月-26

YouTube Transcription #12 Not Going Out 2014-12月-25

Stuffing 2014-12月-24

News Exercise #65 2014-12月-23

Gravy 2014-12月-22

YouTube Transcription #11 Computer Says No 2014-12月-18

Harlow Pub Quiz 2014-12月-17

News Exercise #64 2014-12月-16

YouTube Transcription #10 Del-boy 2014-12月-11

News Exercise #63 2014-12月-09

Cockney Rhyming Slang 2014-12月-05

YouTube Transcription #9 The Office 2014-12月-04

News Exercise #62 2014-12月-02

~ee words 2014-11月-28

YouTube Transcription #8 Auction 2014-11月-27

News Exercise #61 2014-11月-25

10-Second Communication #59 2014-11月-21

You Tube Transcription #7 Four Candles 2014-11月-19

News Exercise #60 2014-11月-18

Pronunciation: 's' and 'sh' 2014-11月-17

YouTube Transcription #6 Victor Borge 2014-11月-14

Pronunciation: 'l' and 'r' 2014-11月-12

News Exercise #59 2014-11月-11

Expression: Gordon Bennett! 2014-11月-10

YouTube Transcription #5 "Only Fools And Horses" 2014-11月-07

Guy Fawkes Night 2014-11月-05

News Exercise #58 2014-11月-04

YouTube Transcription#4 "An Idiot Abroad" 2014-10月-31

Expression: Not on your Nellie! 2014-10月-29

News Exercise #57 2014-10月-28

Idiom: Knock your socks off! 2014-10月-23

YouTube Transcription #3 Eddie Izzard 2014-10月-22

News Exercise #56 2014-10月-21

YouTube Transcription #2 Talking Dog 2014-10月-17

Idiom: Right Up Your Street 2014-10月-15

News Exercise #55 2014-10月-14

News Exercise Information 2014-10月-12

Pronunciation: 'o' or not? Updated 2014-10月-10

YouTube Transcription #1 Fake News 2014-10月-08

News Exercise #54 2014-10月-06

Pronunciation: 'de' and 'di' 2014-10月-03

Pronunciation: 'r' and 'd' 2014-10月-01

News Exercise #53 2014-9月-29

Pronunciation: 'U' or 'A' 2014-9月-26

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Idiom: Life's A Beach 2014-7月-30

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Idiom: Nothing Travels As Fast As Bad News 2014-7月-23

Idiom: Nothing Travels As Fast As Bad News 2014-7月-23

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Royal Oak Day 2014-5月-21

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10-Second Communication #49 2014-5月-16

Cornish Pasty 2014-5月-14

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Morris Dancing 2014-5月-09

May Day 2014-4月-29

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Confusable Words #4 Update: Japanese English short words 2014-4月-25

St. George's Day 2014-4月-23

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Easter 2014-4月-16

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Shakespeare's 450th Anniversary 2014-4月-09

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British Museum Special Event 2014-4月-02

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London Handel Festival 2014-3月-26

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Millionaire's Shortbread 2014-1月-20

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Children In Need 2013-11月-27

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Remembrance Day 2013-11月-20

Remembrance Day 2013-11月-20

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Numbers 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 part 2 2013-10月-31

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London Bicycle Hire 2013-10月-23

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News Exercise #6 2013-10月-22

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Dinner In Gillingham, Kent 2013-10月-16

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Rochester Cathedral 2013-10月-09

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Shadow Listening Level 4 2013-10月-07

10-Second Communication #26 2013-10月-04

Numbers 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 part 1 2013-10月-03

Brown Sauce 2013-10月-02

Brown Sauce 2013-10月-02

News Exercise #3 2013-10月-01

10-Second Communication #25 2013-9月-27

London Eye 2013-9月-25

News Exercise #2 2013-9月-24

10-Second Communication #24 2013-9月-20

Pub Meal: The Green Man 2013-9月-19

News Exercise #1 2013-9月-17

Scones and Cream 2013-9月-16

10-Second Communication #23 2013-9月-13

Trafalgar Square 2013-9月-12

Marmite 2013-9月-10

10-Second Communication #22 2013-9月-09

10-Second Communication #21 2013-9月-06

Shadow Listening Level 3 2013-9月-05

Pickle 2013-9月-04

10-second Communication #20 2013-9月-03

Camden Town, London 2013-9月-02

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English BBQ 2013-8月-29

10-Second Communication #18 2013-8月-27

Regent Street, London 2013-8月-26

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Pub Meal: Toby Carvery, Basingstoke 2013-8月-22

Windsor 2013-8月-20

10-Second Communication #16 2013-8月-19

10-Second Communication #15 2013-8月-05

10-second Communication #14 2013-8月-02

Numbers 100,000-1,000,000 2013-8月-01

Numbers 1,000-100,000 part 3 2013-7月-31

10-Second Communication #13 2013-7月-29

10-Second Communication #12 2013-7月-26

10-Second Communication #11 2013-7月-22

10-Second Communication #10 2013-7月-19

dinner in The Cotswolds 2013-7月-18

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Dinner in Liverpool 2013-7月-11

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Dinner in Cumbria 2013-7月-04

Numbers 1,000-100,000 part 2 2013-7月-03

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Shadow Listening Level 2 2013-6月-26

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Dinner in Chester 2013-6月-20

Number Practice 100-1,000 part 2 2013-6月-19

10-Second Communication #1 2013-6月-17

Dinner in Stratford 2013-6月-13

Breakfast in Manchester 2013-6月-10

Cream Tea in Cotswolds 2013-6月-06

Brassed Off! 2013-6月-03

Limitations 2013-5月-30

Number Practice 1,000-100,000 part 1 2013-5月-29

Guitar and Surgery! 2013-5月-27

Every Vote Counts 2013-5月-23

Truth 2013-5月-20

Bad Performance 2013-5月-16

Motivation 2013-5月-13

Mother's Day 2013-5月-10

It's how hard you can get hit 2013-5月-07

Number Practice 100-1000 part 1 2013-5月-02

The Chance To Be Nice 2013-4月-30

Shadow Listening Level 1 2013-4月-22

Hope 2013-4月-22

What to do with your life 2013-4月-18

The Race With Yourself 2013-4月-15

Number Practice #1 2013-4月-12

The Power And Beauty Of Youth 2013-4月-11

Derren Brown: “Experiments – The Gameshow” 2013-4月-08

Derren Brown’s TV shows 2013-4月-04

April Fool’s Day 2013-4月-01

有難い 2013-3月-29

I have a dream 2013-3月-28

幸せとは 2013-3月-27

今すべきこと 2013-3月-26

A Failure 2013-3月-25

誰の責任? 2013-3月-22

早道や楽な道はない 2013-3月-21

男の顔、女の顔 2013-3月-19

笑顔の力 2013-3月-18

どちらの道を選びますか 2013-3月-15

あなたが欲しいものは 2013-3月-14

孔子の言葉 2013-3月-13

血と汗と涙の・・ 2013-3月-12

隠れた名曲 2013-3月-11

Bad News 2013-3月-08

アインシュタインの言葉 2013-3月-07

3分の1 2013-3月-06

ないものねだり 2013-3月-05

あなたが後悔することは・・ 2013-3月-04

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Coronation Street 2013-2月-15

One Foot In The Grave 2013-2月-14

Dad's Army 2013-2月-13

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 2013-2月-12

Eastenders 2013-2月-08

Porridge 2013-2月-07

Fawlty Towers 2013-2月-06

The Vicar Of Dibley 2013-2月-05

Blackadder 2013-2月-04

Only Fools And Horses 2013-2月-01

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Supertramp 2013-1月-30

Andrew Lloyd-Webber 2013-1月-29

Kate Bush 2013-1月-28

Yes 2013-1月-25

Britpop: Oasis 2013-1月-24

Electric Light Orchestra 2013-1月-23

Benjamin Britten 2013-1月-22

My Music #3 2013-1月-20

Elton John 2013-1月-18

Vaughan-Williams 2013-1月-17

One Direction 2013-1月-16

My Music #2 2013-1月-15

Pink Floyd 2013-1月-11

Pink Floyd 2013-1月-11

Rolling Stones 2013-1月-10

Rolling Stones 2013-1月-10

Elgar 2013-1月-09

Adele 2013-1月-08

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Carol Singing 2012-12月-20

Christmas presents 2012-12月-19

Christmas Cards 2012-12月-18

Christmas Decorations 2012-12月-17

12 Days Of Christmas 2012-12月-14

Christmas Crackers 2012-12月-13

Mince Pie 2012-12月-12

Mulled Wine 2012-12月-11

Trifle 2012-12月-09

Christmas Pudding 2012-12月-07

Christmas Cake 2012-12月-06

Christmas Cake 2012-12月-06

Cooking Roast Turkey 2012-12月-05

Roast Turkey Christmas Dinner 2012-12月-04

Advent 2012-12月-03

コンサートの‘ライブ’ 2012-11月-30

レンジ 2012-11月-29

ストーブ 2012-11月-28

ストーブ 2012-11月-28

パソコン 2012-11月-27

リモコン 2012-11月-26

アプリ 2012-11月-22

テーマ 2012-11月-21

メーク 2012-11月-20

リフォーム 2012-11月-19

ステージ 2012-11月-16

ゴール 2012-11月-15

ホーム 2012-11月-14

クレーム 2012-11月-13

シャープペンシル 2012-11月-12

クラクション 2012-11月-09

アクセル 2012-11月-08

ハンドル 2012-11月-07

フロントガラス 2012-11月-06

フロントガラス 2012-11月-06

カーナビ 2012-11月-05

Yシャツ 2012-11月-02

ペットボトル 2012-11月-01

Kew Gardens 2012-10月-31

Yorkshire Pudding 2012-10月-30

Garden birdbath 2012-10月-29

The Full Monty 2012-10月-26

Chatham Dockyards 2012-10月-25

Shortbread 2012-10月-23

Hover lawnmower 2012-10月-22

Bend It Like Beckham 2012-10月-19

Rochester 2012-10月-18

Placemats 2012-10月-17

Fudge 2012-10月-16

Compost 2012-10月-15

Brassed Off! 2012-10月-12

Eastbourne 2012-10月-11

Tea Towels 2012-10月-10

Cheese 2012-10月-09

Welsh Mountain 2012-10月-05

Sissinghurst Castle 2012-10月-04

Tablecloths 2012-10月-03

A pint of ale, please. 2012-10月-02

Model Cottages 2012-10月-01

無礼講 2012-9月-28

昇進争い 2012-9月-27

Napkins 2012-9月-26

‘接待ゴルフ’を英語で言うと 2012-9月-26

お局さま 2012-9月-25

運動会の‘組体’ 2012-9月-24

歌の‘サビ’を英語で言うと 2012-9月-21

いいなあ 2012-9月-20

ガリ勉 2012-9月-19

恋愛の‘二股’ 2012-9月-18

詐欺師 2012-9月-14

長老 2012-9月-13

二の腕のたるみ 2012-9月-12

片思い 2012-9月-11

親孝行 2012-9月-10

親孝行 2012-9月-10

味覚狩り 2012-9月-07

席替えをする 2012-9月-06

ビール腹 2012-9月-05

夏ばてをした 2012-9月-04

残暑 2012-9月-02

Stock 2012-8月-31

Shower 2012-8月-30

Significant 2012-8月-29

Generous 2012-8月-28

Broke 2012-8月-27

Manager 2012-8月-24

Represent 2012-8月-23

Candidate 2012-8月-22

Quarter final 2012-8月-21

Strikeout 2012-8月-20

Back 2012-8月-17

Back 2012-8月-17

Return or U- turn 2012-8月-16

Millennium Bridge 2012-8月-15

Victoria Embankment 2012-8月-15

Straight 2012-8月-10

Camden Market 2012-8月-10

Regent's Canal Waterbus 2012-8月-09

Leg 2012-8月-09

Underestimate 2012-8月-08

The Shard 2012-8月-08

Dominate 2012-8月-07

Covent Garden 2012-8月-07

Treat 2012-8月-06

Leadenhall Market 2012-8月-06

Modest 2012-8月-03

The Wigmore Hall 2012-8月-03

Vogue 2012-8月-02

The Green Man pub 2012-8月-02

Gutted 2012-8月-01

Liberty department store 2012-8月-01

Close Call 2012-7月-31

Hamleys toy shop 2012-7月-31

Greenwich 2012-7月-30

Flying Start 2012-7月-30

Take After Someone 2012-7月-27

Burlington Arcade 2012-7月-27

South Kensington 2012-7月-26

With all one’s might 2012-7月-26

Talk big 2012-7月-25

Carvery Restaurants 2012-7月-25

Walking on air 2012-7月-24

Kensington Gardens and Palace 2012-7月-24

Kensington Gardens and Palace 2012-7月-24

Ripoff! 2012-7月-23

The Rainforest Cafe 2012-7月-22

Clam up 2012-7月-18

Sweating Buckets 2012-7月-17

Housewarming party 2012-7月-13

Pins and needles 2012-7月-12

Never mind 2012-7月-11

Mind your own business! 2012-7月-10

Once in a blue moon 2012-7月-09

Give the green light 2012-7月-06

The ball is in your court. 2012-7月-05

Soaking Wet 2012-7月-04

Kick Off 2012-7月-03

On The Ball 2012-7月-02

"The audience clapped" 2012-6月-30

"There was a punk on my bike." 2012-6月-29

"I’ll rent you my book." 2012-6月-28

"I laid his body on the bed quietly." 2012-6月-27

"I tripped to America." 2012-6月-26

"I ate lice." 2012-6月-25

"His eye is green." 2012-6月-22

"I’m afraid of noodles!" 2012-6月-21

"Is it OK if I sit here?" 2012-6月-20

"We ate each other." 2012-6月-19

"I check the males" 2012-6月-18

Confectionery 2012-6月-15

Boring\Bowling 2012-6月-14

BoringBowling 2012-6月-14

"I like cat." 2012-6月-13

Steal 2012-6月-12

"Call me taxi." 2012-6月-11

"Flesh meat" 2012-6月-08

"Hankyu Department Store exists" 2012-6月-07

"Please give me your sign" 2012-6月-06

"Influenza is popular" 2012-6月-05

"I bought Hankyu Department Store." 2012-6月-04

"I moved my house." 2012-6月-01

"Enjoy" 2012-5月-31

“Challenge” 2012-5月-30

Of=の? 2012-5月-29

's=の? 2012-5月-28

"Not more than" 2012-5月-25

“People were 60” part 2 2012-5月-24

“People were 60” 2012-5月-23

Answering Yes/No Questions 2012-5月-22

Answering Yes/No Questions 2012-5月-22

Like, prefer 2012-5月-21

"Guardman" 2012-5月-18

Don’t stress the possessive 2012-5月-17

two "nours" 2012-5月-16

two "nours" 2012-5月-16

Surprised/shocked etc. 2012-5月-15

"After service" 2012-5月-14

"After service" 2012-5月-14

"Technique" 2012-5月-11

"I met an accident" 2012-5月-10

“Almost” part 3 2012-5月-09

"Almost" part 2 2012-5月-08

"Almost" 2012-5月-07

"Chance" 2012-5月-04

handmade vs homemade 2012-5月-03

“I saw a dream” 2012-5月-02

My husband I went to Kyoto 2012-5月-01

All cherry blossoms are fated to fall. 2012-4月-30

Meat and 2 veg 2012-4月-27

Towar or Tower 2012-4月-26

Do one’s best!?? 2012-4月-25

Black pudding 2012-4月-24

It’s on me. 2012-4月-23

Shepherd's Pie 2012-4月-22

Foreigners can stop a baby from crying. 2012-4月-20

Musical: Blood Brothers 2012-4月-19

I wish I had done that. 2012-4月-19

Autograph, signature 2012-4月-18

A smile is not included in the price 2012-4月-17

blueish, reddish..etc 2012-4月-16

Notting Hill 2012-4月-15

Every result has a cause 2012-4月-13

I’m fine, thank you, and you? 2012-4月-12

sleep と lie down 2012-4月-11

Hyde Park Walking Route 2012-4月-10

Regent's Park, London 2012-4月-10

The Champion pub, London 2012-4月-10

Oxford Circus, London 2012-4月-10

Tower Bridge 2012-4月-10

Age is just a number 2012-4月-10

Spring has sprung! 2012-4月-09

The London Eye 2012-4月-08

The Southbank, London 2012-4月-08

London Chinatown 2012-4月-08

ホーム 2012-4月-08