OFAH: Batman

Del and Rodney were on their way to a costume party dressed as Batman and Robin. Unfortunately, their old car broke down on the way. Rodney is scared of being seen in the costume because they will get bullied by local drinkers.

R: The pubs are gonna be chucking out (closing) soon. They’re gonna tear us to shreds (beat us up)!
D: Know what? Harry’s place is nearer than our place is. Do you know, we could be there in five minutes if we ran.
R: We’ll be seen!
D: No we won’t. What do you mean “be seen”? Look the… all the streets are empty, ain’t (aren’t) they?
R: Yeah, at the moment, but I guarantee the second I step out of this van a thousand people are gonna pour out of the… out of a place where a thousand people are.
D: No. Not if we go through the back streets and the back alleys, cause the only people there are the winos (drunkards) and the crackheads (drug users), ain’t they. And let’s face it, they see Batman and Robin every night of the week!
R: Five minutes.
D: Five minutes, that’s all, if we run.

Councillor Murray: I’m going now, Tom.
Tom: I’ll see you out. Good night Councillor Murray.
CM: Good night, Tom.
Girl: Sorry, miss, (have) you seen a policeman round here?
CM: No, I haven’t.
Boy 1: Good, then gis (give us) your money.
CM: What are you doing? Tom! Help!
Boy 1: ??? Get her briefcase… Gary!
Gary: What’s happening?
CM: I haven’t the faintest idea (I have no idea).
Gary: Let’s go!
Del: Councillor Murray?
CM: Yes.
Del: I recognised you from your photograph. Derek Trotter. You may remember me – I wrote to you some time ago about the…
Rodney: Del! Let’s go!
Del: Sorry, must dash (hurry). Duty calls.