Reaction video – Jamal

I enjoy watching “reaction” videos, when people listen for the first time to songs recommended by viewers, especially when the music would otherwise be outside of that person’s musical world. Jamal is always kind in his reactions but still, he has some nice insights into lyrics, and he’s funny.

Alright, you guys, welcome back. For those of you that are new to this channel, just know we don’t just listen to the music here; we feel it, alright? Like I said before, I have a groin injury, so if I’m gonna be doing any dancing it’s just gonna be upper body, alright? “Last Train To London” – this is a lyric video. Like I said before, I like checking out the live, I love the live versions but, you know, I guess it is pretty good to do… or pretty smart to do the audio first just so you get that really good quality sound. I know sometimes live performances you hear the crowd, or sometimes it’s different, but, we’re here, as you guys requested, and we ain’t wasting no more time, right, so let’s jump right into it.

I just said I have a groin… a groin (injury)… This is messed up. I know y’all didn’t know, but come on man! How am I not gonna dance to this? Oh my goodness, damn, let’s bring it all the way back.

I can see the disco ball, I can see the roller skates, I see the afros, I see the bell-bottoms, the b… the butterfly collars! Come on now! OOh, I know y’all was groovin’ to this! Memories, wooey! Come on!

Police! They after somebody’s ass! Party’s over!

That’s all you’re gettin’!

Oh, man!

6:51 Oh, this was excellent! I just… this song just makes we wanna call somebody a jive turkey! Make you wanna talk slick and slide! “Yeah, baby, meet me on the… meet me at the skate rink at like seven o’clock. Aha. Yeah, I got a couple of move I wanna show ya. Oh no, I ain’t gonna be skating backwards. aha, I’ll be skating on one leg, ’cause I messed my groin up!” Oh, man! Damn. Oh, this is so good. Damn. I just had… disco just threw up all over this song, my goodness. “Last train to London.” Oh, ,am, I know you all used to just dance so much to this. Oh, wow, that… that’s… I… you know, I really see why, when you guys request songs, like I said the other day, someone will say “You should check out this song,” and then the comments is just like… everybody “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Wooey! Oh man, this is just so good…