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パスワードは、flatmates と同様です。(ヒントは h*********w)または、Kevinにメールでお聞きください。

Adjective or Adverb 1 2016-Feb-13

Adjective Order 2016-Feb-17

Adjectives Ending with -ed and -ing 2016-Feb-17

Adjectives ending with -ed or -ing 2016-Nov-30

Adjectives or Adverbs 2 2016-Feb-13

Adverbs 2016-Feb-17

Adverbs of Frequency 1 2016-Feb-17

Adverbs of Frequency 2 2016-Feb-15

Alone / lonely / only / own (1) 2016-Feb-17

Although, Despite, In Spite, Even Though 2016-Feb-17

And, But, Or, Nor, Because and So 2016-Feb-17

Article or No Article 2 2016-Feb-17

Article or No Article? 2016-Feb-17

Articles and Quantity 2016-Feb-17

As Long As/ Providing/ Unless 2016-Feb-17

As soon as / If / Unless 2016-Feb-17

Come / Go & Gone / Been 2016-Feb-17

Comparative 1 2016-Apr-11

Comparatives 2 2016-Feb-17

Comparatives 3 2016-Feb-17

Comparatives 4 2016-Feb-17

Conditional 2016-Feb-17

Conditional: First 2016-Feb-17

Conditionals: Second 2016-Feb-17

Conditionals: Third 2016-Feb-17

Confusable Words 2016-Feb-17

Conjunctions 2016-Oct-26

Could and Would 2016-Feb-17

Countable or Uncountable 2016-Feb-17

Countable/Uncountable 2016-Dec-28

During, While, For 2016-Feb-17

Ever and Never 2016-Feb-17

For or Since 2016-Feb-17

For or Since 2 2016-Mar-30

Frequency Expressions 1 2016-Feb-17

Frequency Expressions 2 2016-Feb-17

Future - Be Going To and Will 2016-Feb-17

Gerund or Infinitive 2017-Jan-11

Gerund or Infinitive 2016-Feb-17

Gerund or Infinitive 2 2016-Feb-17

Grammar Exercise (Original Text) 2019-Mar-25

Have you ever/Did you 2016-Feb-17

Have/Get Something Done 2016-Feb-17

Help! 2016-Feb-17

If or When? 2016-Dec-21

In / On / At 2016-Feb-17

In / On / At 2 2016-Feb-17

Indirect Statements and Questions 2017-Jan-25

Irregular Verbs Past Tense 2016-Feb-17

Irregular Verbs Past Tense 2 2016-Feb-17

Making Questions 2016-Feb-17

Modal Verbs 2016-Feb-17

Much, Many, Little, Few 2016-Feb-16

Overstatement 2016-Feb-17

Passive 1 2016-Feb-17

Passive 2 2016-Feb-17

Passives 2016-Dec-14

Passives 3 2016-Mar-14

Past Modals 2016-Feb-17

Past Perfect and Past Simple 2016-Feb-17

Past Perfect with Because 2016-Feb-17

Past Simple or Past Continuous 2016-Feb-17

Past Simple/Past continuous 2016-Dec-07

Permission 1 2016-Feb-16

Permission 2 2016-Feb-16

Personal Pronouns 2016-Feb-16

Phrasal Verbs 2016-Feb-16

Phrasal Verbs 2 2016-Feb-16

Place Titles 2017-Feb-08

Play, do, go etc. 2016-Jul-21

Polite Requests 2016-Feb-16

Possessives 2016-Feb-16

Possessives 1 2016-Feb-16

Possessives 2 2016-Feb-16

Possessives 3 2016-Feb-16

Possessives 4 2016-Apr-10

Prepositions 2016-Feb-16

Prepositions in Short Answers 2016-Feb-16

Present Perfect or Past Simple 2016-Feb-16

Present Perfect or Past Simple 2 2016-Feb-16

Present Perfect or Past Simple 3 2016-Feb-25

Present simple or Present Continuous 2016-Feb-16

Pronouns 2016-Feb-16

Quantity 2 2016-Feb-16

Question Word Order 2016-Feb-16

Questions With or Without the Auxiliary Verb 2016-Feb-16

Reflexive Pronouns 2016-Nov-23

Reflexive Pronouns 2016-Feb-16

Regrets and Wishes 2016-Feb-16

Relative Pronouns 2016-Nov-02

Reported Speech 1 2016-Apr-08

Reported Speech 2 2016-Apr-08

Reported Speech 3 realised, noticed, found etc. 2016-Feb-16

Reported Speech 4 2016-Feb-16

Reported Speech 4 - Business 2016-Feb-16

Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Adjective Clauses 2016-Feb-16

Short Answers to Yes/No Questions 2016-Feb-16

So/Neither 2016-Feb-26

Some or Any 2016-Feb-16

Still / Yet / Already / Just 2016-Feb-16

Still, yet, already, no longer, anymore, at last 2016-Feb-16

Superlatives 2016-Feb-16

Superlatives (---est / most---) 2016-Feb-16

Tag Questions 2016-Feb-16

This, That, These and Those; It and They 2016-Feb-16

This, That, These, Those, It, They and Them 2016-Feb-16

Titles and False Titles 2016-Feb-16

Too or So/Very 2016-Feb-16

Transitive or Intransitive? 2016-Feb-16

Transitive/Intransitive 2016-Feb-28

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