Yes is one of Britain’s longest running bands. There have been many members over the 45 years of the band’s history, and only one person, bassist Chris Squire, has played on every recording. Singer Jon Anderson is usually regarded as the band leader, as his songwriting, lyrics and vocals are so distinctive. They went through a period of popular music in the 1980s when they released ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’, but their music has generally been ‘progressive rock’, influenced by rock, folk and classical. In fact Yes, along with Pink Floyd, ELP, King Crimson, Genesis and Jethro Tull, were the innovators of progressive rock, and have often been labelled in the US as ‘The Second British Invasion’ (the first was The Beatles/Rolling Stones).

Here is ‘And You And I’ played with an orchestra:

Here is ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’:

Finally, here is ‘Wonderous Stories’ from the 1970s: