YouTube Transcription #18 Hugh Dennis

Hugh Dennis is a British comedian who usually appears on game shows and talk shows. He’s very quick thinking, and can react to situations immediately. He regularly adds a voice over to news videos. Here is an example of Obama talking to Cameron.

Obama: Hey, big fella, how you doing? Merry Christmas. How was your year, yeah?
Cameron: Well, it wasn’t bad actually.
Obama: I’ll tell you a highlight of mine: I personally tracked down and killed the world’s most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden, yeah. There was no footage released because I did it on my own, yeah. I did, all me, bang! I got him, yeah, that’s me, yeah. So has anybody given you a Christmas box?
Cameron: Well, unfortunately, no. I was hoping to get one with Nick Clegg’s head in it, but…
Obama: Yeah, that’s me. I got Osama, yeah. I killed him, bare hands. Yeah, that’s me… Yeah, it was me, bare hands, one blow.

Expressions used:
Fella = fellow = man, guy, chap ,bloke
Footage is video, film
Bare hands means without weapons.
Cameron is the British prime minister, Nick Clegg is the deputy prime minister.

Hugh Dennis recording BBC Radio 4 comedy:

Here is another example: