YouTube transcription #20 Les Dawson

Les Dawson was a popular comedian with what we call a “dry” sense of humour. He always looked unhappy, grumpy, bored, miserable etc. Dawson died in 1993. This scene features his guest world-famous classical guitarist John Williams.

Dawson: Now don’t be nervous, because I do get a bit intricate, in certain parts.
Williams: We do it in ‘E’, do we?
Dawson: Pardon?
Williams: In ‘E’?
Dawson: No, we’ll do it in here. So… now, just follow what I do. I’ll just limber up the digits.
Williams: Les, Les. I think you got a wrong note there, it’s a C sharp there, not a C natural.
Dawson: I thought it was a nail.
Williams: Shall I show you?
Dawson: If you think it’s better.
Williams: It’s B, then the C sharp.
Dawson. I knew that would happen. I knew you’d get your thumb fast. I knew it. Thank god you didn’t have that on your knee. Wait a minute. You’re totally wrong. Look, this is the way it was written, look, please John, I mean it’s very embarrassing now.
Williams: Les, it really is not a C natural there. It sounds crazy.
Dawson: I know you’re supposed to know your business but quite frankly, I know it’s not much, but it is my show. As far as I’m concerned I’m giving you no more support. And if I did you wouldn’t wear it. As far as I’m concerned, Williams, you’re on your own, but just remember one thing. There’s others available, you’re not just on your own, you know. I could get anybody for that money. It’ll be on your own head, Williams.

Expressions used:
In this case, ‘fast’ means ‘stuck’.’
‘Limber up’ means to ‘warm up’ the muscles.
‘You know your business’ means you are an expert
‘On your own head’ means it is your own responsibility if something goes wrong – a discalimer