YouTube Transcription #27 Coupling 2

The following transcription is from the first 2:30 only (the video is actually a full episode)

Patrick: For God’s sake!
You get a glass…
A glass, a piece of card, all you need.
You get a glass, a piece of card…
Sally: Patrick.
Patrick: You put the glass over the spider. You slide the piece of card under the glass so trapping the spider. Keeping the card firmly against the glass you go to the door and release the spider into the wild.
Sally: Patrick, I think we should talk.
Patrick: Where is it?
Sally: Could you just listen a moment?
Patrick: Where’s the spider?
Sally: Patrick, please. Have you ever had a dream about someone maybe you shouldn’t have dreamed about? Maybe because you’ve been spending a little bit too much time thinking about them and then really needed to talk to them? Maybe at a slightly inconvenient hour of the night?
Patrick: For god’s sake, Sally! Its 3 in the morning!
Sally: I know.
Patrick: No spider.
Sally: No spider, far as I know.
Patrick: So why did you phone me?
Sally: I mean, if you’ve got somebody bubbling around in your subconscious, it’s really quite understandable…
Patrick: Sally, please. Some of us don’t have dreams all the time. Some of us don’t have subconsciouses. Why did you phone me?
Sally: Patrick, I’m trying to explain. I didn’t phone you.
Patrick: You didn’t?
Sally: Nope.
Patrick: are you sure?
Sally: Yep.
Patrick: There was no actual phone call?
Sally: Last time we spoke was six o’clock this evening. You wanted to go to the cinema. I told you I had a date.
Patrick: This doesn’t make any sense. Why would I dream you had a spider in your bedroom?
Sally: Incidentally, this is Peter.

Expressions used:
“It’s 3 in the morning” – English speakers often use ‘morning’ for any time that is a.m., even if it is in the night.
“bubbling around in your subconscious” means something that is occupying your thoughts, unintentionally; you can’t stop thinking about it
“Some of us don’t have subconsciouses.” This is a joke because a subconscious is what is supposed to stop us from doing things that are selfish or bad.
“Nope” and “yep” mean “no” and “yes”, and are often used with a level of sarcasm. It is a little similar to Americans saying “Hello!” to mean “Of course/Of course not.”
“Incidentally” is a variation of “By the way”.