YouTube Transcription #41 Peep Show

Mark: Hey! Wow, I’m actually good at this! Maybe I’m a natural. Yeah! I’m a jogger. Of course, there had to be a sport for me. I just never realised. I’m a natural jogger. Feel the legs like two great steam locomotives pumping away. I’m Cram, I’m Ovett, I’m unstoppable, I’m… Jesus, is that a stitch? I’m buckling, I’m going to be sick, I’ve got to slow. I need to walk. I’m going to puke, I’m literally going to die. What an idiotic boob I was about ten or eleven seconds ago.

Notes: Steve Cram and Steve Ovett were two British middle-distance runners who won gold medals in the Olympics in the 1980s.
A stitch is a pain in the abdomen after running hard.
“I’m buckling” means that my legs are starting to weaken.
“Puke” is slang for vomit.
A “boob”, in this case, means a stupid person.