YouTube Transcription #42 “College Humor”

Here is a College Humor sketch about ‘puns’. A pun is a one-line joke which uses word play, especially words which have either a double meaning, or sound similar to other words. It is very popular to make derisive (negative) comments towards the person who tells a pun.

Man: I’m just saying, if you’re a vegetarian you can’t wear leather!
Emily: Are you sure you’re opinion can’t be… swayed? (suede)
Alright, alright, we get it. You’re so smart because you don’t like puns. You’ve donned your cloak of superiority to disguise your enjoyment but now this guy’s (disguise) gonna set you straight. Puns are delightful; they’re like conversational candy, and, sure, too many can rot your tweets (teeth) but they’re by no means a textual assault punishable by Awwhhh. Shakespeare’s plays were often on words:
Actor: “Tomorrow you will find me a grave man.” Get it? I’m being serious (grave adjective) but also I’m dying (grave noun).
Emily: And even though puns get a bad rap (disliked), you get them in good rap (rap music).
Rapper: Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why you Winslow. They’re character from Family Matters. (I didn’t understand this one!)
Emily: Even the name of The Beatles, the most famous band, is a pun.
Singer: Happiness is a warm pun.
Emily: So why do you want to fight about puns? Is it because they have dual meaning? (duel=fight)
Do you look down on them because they work on another level? (look down to another level)
Are you homophonic? I actually don’t know if that one works… but I’ll take it. Fact is, when you were a kid, you probably liked puns, but then one day an older, s*****er person came along and told you “Punning is the lowest form of wit.” That is the moment that you truly became a grown up.
Man: I don’t get it.
Emily: “Groan” like G-R-O-A-N. “Groan” like the sound when someone makes a pun, but also an adult, but whatever. I had that one. More importantly, though, is how fun is it when you get to make a pun? Watch this…

Oh, you’re gluten-free? Really going against the grain (grain, in bread, and “going against the grain” means to be unusual). Guess that’s a rap (wrap, “That’s a rap” means “finished”) on sandwiches. Pasta la vista, baby. Girl with the gluten snafu (not funny! Novel: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and snafu means a messed-up situation).  At yeast (least) you can still eat brown rice, though. So the next time you have a pun in the oven (bun in the oven) and declare your indepundence (independence), ’cause your body is a punderland (wonderland), so have… fun. I said “fun”. Whatever, we were all thinking it (pun). Alright, let’s try this again… Are you sure your opinion can’t be swayed? You know what? This is actually the best part. Bring it on! Bring on the punishment. I love it!