YouTube Transcription #44 Fawlty Towers

Fawlty Towers is a hotel in South-East England, owned by Basil Fawlty and his wife.
The man cleaning behind the desk is Manuel, who is from Spain and doesn’t speak English very well.

Manuel: You see, I speak English well. I learned it from a book. Hello. I am English. Hello. How are you, sir? I can speak English. Ah, hello, Major. How are you today?
Major: I’m fine, thank you.
Manuel: It’s a beautiful day, today.
Major: Is it? Yes, yes, I suppose it is.
Manuel: Yes, I can speak English. I learned it from a book.
Major: Did you? Did you really? There you are, Fawlty.
Fawlty: Yes, I’m just going to open up, Major.
Major: Fine. I say, that’s a remarkable animal you have there, Fawlty. Where did you get it?
Fawlty: Er, Sampson’s, in the town.
Major: Really? Well, was it expensive?
Fawlty: Er, twelve Pounds, I think.
Major: Good lord! Japanese, was it?
Fawlty: Canadian, I think, Major.
Major: I didn’t know the Canadians were as clever as that.
Fawlty: He’s started early.

I’m just going to open up By this, Mr Fawlty means that he is going to open the bar. The old Major, who lives in the hotel, comes down to the bar at 6pm every day and pretends that he doesn’t intend to start drinking yet.
Good lord!  This is often used in Britain to show real surprise, compared to “Oh my God,” which is only used in a very bad situation.
He’s started early Mr Fawlty thinks the Major’s topic of conversation sounds like he is already drunk, which happens every day.