YouTube Transcription #54 Gervais at the Emmys

Gervais crying at an award acceptance? Never!
Ricky Gervais was nominated in the category of “Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Series Or A Movie” for his role in “Derek”, which he also wrote and directed. In this scene, he is to announce and present a different category award.

Gervais: Hello. Back again… to lose another, god! I haven’t lost yet… there’s still hope, ha, ha. There’s no hope, there’s… the smart money’s on Rylance. Someone else, basically. It doesn’t matter, though. Erm, no-one remembers. In a few days time people see a picture of me up here, they go, “Oh, he probably won an Emmy.” They’ve seen me talking to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. They’ll go, “He talked to Ryan Seacrest; he’s a winner.” So, take a picture of it. In fact, can I have an Emmy? Where’s the Emmy girl? Can I get an Emmy? Oh, brilliant. Sexist – no Emmy men! Thank you. Cheers. So take a picture of that. Thank you so much! Thank you. Tweet that, and Bob’s your uncle.

Expressions used:
He uses “go” to mean “say”.
“The smart money’s on Rylance” means if anyone were gambling on who the winner would be, they would be smart if they chose Rylance. Actually, Mark Rylance won in Gervais’s category.
“Bob’s your uncle” is a popular British expression meaning that something is easy to accomplish. Similar expressions are “hey presto” or the simple, “And that’s it.”

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