YouTube Transcription #57 Norman Collier

Norman Collier is a retired comedian who was popular in the 1980s. Honestly, his comedy wasn’t that good! His success was based on one routine that he used, and nobody really wanted him to do anything else. He discovered the “faulty microphone” joke by chance, and in this video he retraces his steps the when he first got the idea…

This is the club that inspired me to do the old microphone routine. I’m just going to pop in and see if things have changed.
Wow, this has changed a lot since I was here. ???? It was that stage where little Alf was calling out his bingo numbers. I was waiting to go on, and the plug was loose in the socket on the wall. I was standing there watching, tears down my face. This is what happened… So you’ve got to imagine this… little Alf with his machine and his microphone and his bingo…
The crowd was shouting, “Can’t hear, can’t hear!” I was falling about laughing. When I got home, I thought about it, and I was “Well, I’ll give it a go.” You know, and it went down very well, so I decided to keep it in the act. I’m pleased I was here that night when he was doing his bingo, because I would never have… it would never have happened. I never… Id never have thought of it. I’m just wondering what I’d have done instead, but there we are! I was there at the right time.

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