YouTube Transcription #67 Neil deGrasse Tyson

This week’s video already has correct captions:


Only the last sentence has no caption. He said, “This is called gravity.”
Expressions used:
“Blowing up Twitter” means it is currently a very, very popular topic, causing opposing opinions.
“Take down” means destroy or expose. It is meant as sarcasm.
“Went viral” means the topic or video spread all over the world on the Internet. It spread like a virus.
“Diss” is modern slang meaning “show disrespect for”
“Y’all” mean “you all” or “everybody”
“BS” is an abbreviation for “bull s**t”, which means “nonsense”.
The audience laughed at “little creatures” because he is implying that B.o.B is a little creature, not important.
“My man” means someone whom I respect.

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