YouTube Transcription #77 Marmite

Marmite is a spread food that goes well on toast for breakfast. Here is its Wikipedia page.

In Britain it is extremely familiar to everybody. However, many people really dislike it. They say there are only two types of people – those who love it and those who hate it. In this respect I guess it is the British equivalent to natto.

Below is a TV commercial for Marmite, made as a parody of an animal abuse documentary. The point is that those who hate it usually try it once and then leave it at the back of the kitchen cupboard forever.

Narrator: It’s an early start for the rescue team as they visit a house in West London.
Team member: The neighbours reckon they are a little bit testy. We’ve had a couple of reports of neglect at this address. What we’re gonna do, is have a little look round in your cupboards.
Second team member: Oh! Stuck right at the back. Who knows how long that’s been stuck in here.
Narrator: The team’s only option is to remove the stricken jar.
Team member: Get him back, clean him up.
Narrator: Soon, a more delicate case is called in.
Team member: Wonder if we might come in and have a little chat. I think you know what it’s about.
Narrator: As the team have come to learn, offenders can be from all walks of life.
Team member: I promise it will go to a good home.
HOme owner: I’m sorry.
Team member: Of course.
Narrator: Across town, Lucy is dealing with a very different call.
Home owner: I don’t know why you’re here, to be honest with you.
Narrator: It doesn’t take long before new recruit, Callum Howe, finds another jar in a shocking state.
Callum: Oh, no.
Lucy: What’s the matter?
Callum: Baby one.
Lucy: Ok, don’t panic.
Callum: Lid’s stuck.
Lucy: Right, gently, gently.
Woman: Hold on a second… I can change!
Narrator: For those new to the job, such scenes of neglect can be traumatic.
Callum: I’ve not… I’ve not seen one that small before.
Narrator: After an emotional day, the team drop off the recused jars at the rehoming centre…
Child: I really love this one.
Narrator:… where a proud family welcomes their new addition.
Mother: Is that delicious?

The advert drew many complaints from people who claimed that it trivialised the work of animal welfare charities.
Here is a BBC news item on this.
Expressions used:
“Walks of life” – kinds of people, kinds of living situations, living conditions, social status.
“Testy” – ill-natured, bad-tempered, unpleasant

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