YouTube Transcription #81 “Cassette Boy”

The famous Cassette Boy channel on YouTube had returned after a long absence. This time he is making a comment about the British government’s attempts at taking away privacy from Internet users. The backing music is based on “Every Step You Take” by The Police, because the main lyric line is “I’ll be watching you”.

Theresa May (UK Home Secretary): A new law is here that causes decent people to live in fear.
A new power that allows us to get your browsing history from the Internet.
But let’s forget that it will affect everybody, and it will protect nobody, that I can inspect anybody that disagrees with me. That’s why I want to spy on everyone, all the time.
Some people say that’s fine, but every time you go online, every email you sign, I’ll be watching you.
And my message to the ???, “I want your communications data.”
As our power will extend, politicians and their friends can be manipulated for their own ends.
Every text you send, every Facebook friend, I’ll be watching you.
David Cameron (UK Prime Minister): Can’t you see? Your mobile phones will belong to me. Everyone you call, anyone at all, every day, in every way, Theresa May and I will be watching you.
We will look after you (laughs). Wherever you turn, we’ll be right behind you. We will not let you live in private. We will use everything at our disposal to find out about you and your family, and we will never forget what we found.
May: This is my position – I don’t need reasonable suspicion, but if you sign online petitions, expect the Spanish Inquisition.
Cameron: Think of your own smartphone – it’s no longer a no-go zone. It’s under attack, because we will have all the technology you own. What can I see with these new abilities for me? The answer is straightforward; it’s your supermarket rewards, and your National Health Service records. It’s all the information you give to any corporation, every conversation in every situation, every communication, every website you use, everything you do. Every day, in every way, Theresa May and I will be watching you.

Expressions used:
the Spanish Inquisition – a historical event in which the Catholic church investigated everyone to find those who do not agree with them. This is well-known in Britain because people use it to show that they are not pleased about an unexpected amount of questioning – “I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!”
for their own ends – “for one’s own end” is an expression used to mean to take advantage of somebody or something for one’s own benefit, even if it harms others.
supermarket rewards – this is the point card system that is also popular in Japan.

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