YouTube Transcription #84 The Office

“The Office” was the TV comedy drama that made Ricky Gervais famous. He starred, and co-wrote and directed it, with Stephen Merchant. The idea of the drama is that a documentary crew are following the everyday lives of an everyday office in England. That’s why you can sometimes see people look at the camera. Of course, it is actually fictional. There was an American remake of The Office, which Gervais and Merchant co-wrote and directed, though they didn’t appear in the US version.

Brent: Under “Strengths” you’ve just put “Accounts”…
Keith: Yeah.
Brent: That’s your job, though, that’s just… that’s just…
Keith: Hmm.
Brent: No, Keith… I’m sort of looking for your skills within your job, so is there anything else you could put there? No? Ok, erm… under “Weaknesses” you’ve put “eczema”.

Brent: Right, you’ve left this section completely blank, Keith. You haven’t done the Q&A.
Keith: I thought that you filled that in.
Brent: No, no, no, this is aimed at you, look. “To what extent do you believe that you have the skills and knowledge to perform your job effectively?” And then you just tick one of the boxes: “Not at all; to some extent; very much so; don’t know”. What would you tick?
Keith: Don’t know.
Brent: Ok. Erm, question two: “Do you feel you have received adequate training to use your computer effectively?”
Keith: What are the options?
Brent: Same as b… they’re always the same, always the same. “Not at all; to some extent; very much so; don’t know”.
Keith: Don’t know.
Brent: Don’t know again. Ok.”Do you feel you are given the flexibility to decide how best to accomplish your goals?” Do you want the options again?
Keith: Yeah.
Brent: “Not at all; to some extent,” always the same, “very much so; don’t know”.
Keith: don’t know.
Brent: If “Don’t know” wasn’t there, what would you put?
Keith: What are the options?
Brent: “Not at all; to some extent; very much so; don’t know”.
Keith: Very much so.
Brent: Do you remember what the question was?
Keith: No.
Brent: Ok. Do you… let’s… we’re gonna leave that there…