YouTube Transcription #85 Ghost Town

Ghost Town is a film written by, directed by, and starring Ricky Gervais. This introduction has a spoiler alert!
For a reason we see in the film, Dr Pincus can see and hear ghosts, and nobody else can. When one ghost finds out about this, he asks him for some help. When he refuses, the ghost tells any other ghosts where he lives…
By the way, in this move, when someone walks through a ghost they sneeze.

– Is this a bad time?
– My letter went under the carpet.
– He lost something important, and I know where it is.
– She won’t wear a helmet because of me, but that’s nuts!

– Gee, I’m sorry Doc, did I accidentally give everybody your home address? I gotta tell you, nobody was
more excited than Naked Guy. Yes…

– Leave me alone.
– Dr. Pincus?
– Back off!
– Sorry?
– Oh, sorry. Never mind.
– Bless you.
– Oh, God. Thank you.
– Bless you.
– Thank you.
– Bless you.
– Stop it! If I sneeze again, I’ll assume… Thank you. Just… I’m not very well. It’s not you…. It’s a bit you. Mainly… You can’t… But you’re adding…. Oh!

Expressions used:
Nuts means “crazy”.
Americans say “Gee” to mean “Oh,” or “Wow”. It comes from and abbreviation of “Jesus Christ”.
“I gotta” means “I have got to”, or “I have to”.

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