YouTube transcription #89 Cricket

This one isn’t a transcription; it’s just an explanation of one of cricket’s strangest rules – the boundary catch.
Before you read, please watch the video and see if you can understand the rule.

Ok, so if the batter hits the ball and it rolls over the boundary (the border on the ground), he gets 4 runs (points).
If he hits it and it flies over the boundary without bouncing, he gets 6 runs, equivalent to a home run in baseball.
Catching is basically the same rule as in baseball, but for one important factor: if the fielder catches the ball and steps on the ground beyond the boundary holding the ball, the batsman is not out, and he also gets 6 runs. So, if the fielder catches the ball and can’t stop falling over the boundary, in mid-air he throws the ball back over the boundary before stepping on the ground. He then runs back inside the boundary and catches the ball, or a different player catches it. That’s why we often see a second fielder running towards a fielder who is trying to catch a ball near the boundary.

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