YouTube transcription #88 When was the US great?

This is from The Daily Show:

* So, when was America last great?
* For me, I would say the turning point for our country was 1913, when we passed the 17th Amendment…
* Back when, like, women couldn’t vote?
* Yeah, well back when…
* That’s kind of your sweet spot, right there?
* Absolutely, about 1913

* What year was America great?
* When it was founded.
* Except for the slavery stuff…
* Except for the slavery stuff, you know.

* I think we were probably at our strongest immediately post World War II.
* Around the 1950s?
* Er… mid-40s, 50s…
* Yeah, I think it was great other than, er, you know, segregation, women’s rights…
* We can sit here and paint negative faces of all times…

*It’s “Make America Great Again”, so when was it last great?
* It’s always been great!
* so, if it’s always been great, what are we trying to go back to?
* We’re not going back, we’re going forwards.

*Well, I guess, er, the 80s were pretty good
*Right, the 80s.
* Great music, great games…
*Crack cocaine?
*Crack cocaine.

*Well, we’re always great. The people are great…
*So America is great right now, so we did it.
* No, we didn’t do it.

*America became great when the founding fathers put pen on paper in 1776, and decided to build a country based on laws. That was greatness.
* That was awesome… other than the slavery, obviously, and the…
* We did have that. We did have that slavery, and the Indian thing, right?
* That was terrible, and the women’s voting thing… but other than that, that was awesome.
* We’ve had a few hiccups along the way. Like they say, er, nobody made it to the top without breaking a few pieces of china. That wasn’t an insult, by the way. (I get a feeling this last line was scripted, because nobody say that as a standard saying. They may say “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.”)

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