YouTube Transcription #94 Taking The Flak

BBC man: What language do I use to address your father? I want to make a good impression.
Local Woman: My father speaks a little English. He gets by. Hey! (Local language) Harry, this is my father,
BBC: Hello. My name is Harry. It’s very nice to meet you. How do you do?
Father: Hello, Harry. How… do… you… do?
BBC: He speaks… you speak very good English. Where did you learn your English?
Father: I… was… a… professor of post-modern English literature before… the war. Is he just learning English? This could become exceedingly tedious!
BBC: No, sir. I’m the BBC stringer here. I send them stories and they pay me.
Father: Oh, you are the BBC? But I thought the BBC spoke BBC English.
Woman: He’s from Croydon.

A “stringer” is a reporter.

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