YouTube Transcription #10 Del-boy

This is perhaps the most popular clip from Only Fools And Horses, starring David Jason as Del.

Del: You see, nowadays these modern Euro-birds, they go for the more mature men, who’ve made it in life.
Trigger: Yeah? Is that why we’re having no luck?
Del: No, no, no. I haven’t started yet. I’m just building myself up to it.
Trigger: Well you’d better hurry up, it’ll be closing time soon.
Del: Alright, alright…
Del: I think we’re on a winner, here, Trig. Alright? Play it nice and cool, son. Nice and cool, you know what I mean…
Del: Drink up, Trig. Drink up, we’re leaving.
Trigger: Aren’t you gonna try for them birds?
Del: No, no, you’re cramping my style, mate. You’re cramping my style.

Expressions used:
Bird” is a word used by British men meaning “woman”. It’s not very polite.
Make it” means to be successful.
On a winner” means it is sure to be successful.
Drink up” means quickly finish your drink.
Gonna” means “going to”.
Them” is a London-area dialect for “those”.
“You’re cramping my style” means “I can’t perform well because you are less cool than me, and damaging my image”.