YouTube transcription: Pulling

This scene is from series one of the 2006 BBC comedy drama Pulling.

Karen: I don’t want you think that this about me being unhappy here, I just wanted to talk to you because, I’m not sure if things are entirely working out for me here.
Boss: God, that sounds serious. You’re not leaving us, are you?
Karen: Well maybe… I don’t know.
Boss: Is it your new position?
Karen: No, I’m really enjoying it.
Boss: We see that as a step forward.
Karen: Oh, yeah. I was really pleased to get it. Look, I don’t know if you know but I recently cancelled my wedding…
Boss: I had heard.
Karen: So I’ve been re-evaluating things in all areas of my life, you know. Maybe I should be having an honest look at my skills, well, maybe I should just be aiming a bit higher.
Boss: Goodness, that’s a bit sudden, isn’t it?
Karen: Look, I haven’t made any decisions as yet, I just wanted to talk to you about it.
Boss: Ok.
Karen: I just think there might be more to life than being a marketing manager.
Boss: What?
Karen: I’m just wondering if there’s more, than being a marketing manager.
Boss: But you’re not a marketing manager.
Karen: I am.
Boss: No, you’re not.
Karen: I am, you know, I’ve been marketing manager for the last six months, since my last pay review, that’s what we’re talking about.
Boss: No you’re not.
Karen: I’m not saying I’m not grateful for the promotion, because I am.
Boss: Now, that’s a mistake!
Karen: What?
Boss: You’re not marketing manager; that’s a mistake. You’re supposed to be marketing manager’s PA.
Karen: PA?
Boss: Yes. You thought you went from reception to marketing manager?
Karen: Well, yeah.
Boss: Don’t you see Jenny doing the marketing manager’s job?
Karen: I just… I thought she was being helpful.
Boss: What about your pay? That didn’t go up.
Karen: Yes, it did. It did go up, of course it went up!
Boss: Oh my God!
Karen: Well, look, Ian, thanks for the chat, because it’s really helped.
Boss: What? That’s twice what you should have been on!
Karen: It’s really focused, yeah, it’s really helped actually. Erm, I’d better get back to…
Boss: Didn’t you think that was a bit much?
Karen: Well, actually I thought it reflected my potential.
Boss: We’re gonna need that back.