YouTube Transcription #2 Talking Dog

Talking Animals  is a clever YouTube channel. Here is a transcription of his most popular video.

Owner: Food.You know, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Dog: Yeah?
Owner: So, yeah. You know, I went to the fridge and I opened up the meat drawer. You know what the meat drawer is, right?
Dog: Yes. What was in there?
Owner: Well, I’ll tell you what was in there. You know that bacon that tastes like maple? The maple flavour?
Dog: The maple kind, yeah.
Owner: Yeah, so…
Dog: Yeah?
Owner: So, I took that out, and thought…
Dog: Yeah?
Owner: I know who would like that. Me! So I ate it!
Dog: Oh, no! You’re kidding me!
Owner: Nope! Not kidding! You know, I also noticed there was some beef in there. Yeah, you know, steak, you know – juicy. Well I ate that, too! But I went back to the fridge just a few minutes ago and I put something together really special, you’re going to love this one. I took some chicken…
Dog: Yes…
Owner: And I put some cheese on it… and I covered it with…
Dog: Covered it with what?
Owner: I covered it with cat treats.
Dog: Yeah?
Owner: Then guess what.
Dog: What?
Owner: I gave it to the cat!

Expressions used:
“I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.” This is often used for something that is always on your mind, something important, troubling, exciting, etc.
“Fridge” is the abbreviation of “refrigerator”.
“You’re kidding me!” – “kidding” means “joking”. It is used to say “I can’t believe it.”
“Nope” is a very casual way of saying “No”.
“I put something together” is used for preparing food, often without cooking.