YouTube Transcription #1 Fake News

This time I have used a fictional news item! The YouTube video creator known as Cassettboy makes edits of news videos and changes what the person actually says, for comic effect. This one is a David Cameron speech regarding fracking to obtain shale gas:

“I will never forget watching George with his shirt off for the TV cameras. There he was, shouting his head off, talking about shale gas companies producing filthy energy and getting filthy rich. And of course that’s great. But today I want a more simple message: If anyone thinks caring about people is what we are doing today, they are living in a fantasy land.
Here’s the deal for the shale gas industry: They can build something under your home, quite dangerously actually, because this party is intensely relaxed about the future. Yes, the oceans can rise but one thing will never, ever change – we don’t dream of the green jobs, the wind and wave power.
I say let’s try and stitch up a family by building something less safe under their own home.
Some people say your home is your castle. Well we proved them wrong.”

Some expressions used:
“Shouting his head off” means to shout as loudly as possible. A similar expression is “laughing his head off”.
“Filthy rich” is extremely rich, but it is used in a derogatory, jealous, way.
“Stich up somebody” means to “con” or “exploit” somebody.
“Your home is your castle” is an expression to mean you are the master of your home, and nobody has any power to control you in your home.