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  1. Oliver uses lots of British daily expressions such as the verb “pop”.
    “I’m just gonna pop the bacon to one side…” and “I’m gonna pop this in the oven.”
    It means “put”, used in a lighthearted way. It’s never used for anything serious.

  2. He uses “man” even though he’s not talking to anyone specifically. This goes to show how natural his speaking is, rather than scripted.
    “I’m still proud of the recipes in here, man. Still legit.”
    The word “legit” is used as an abbreviation of “legitimate”, but the shorter form is commonly used in conversation to that something is generally agreed to be of good quality.
    I’m gonna go in with mushrooms”. This is a funny expression from his region (near London). It just means “use” or “utilize”.

  3. Near the end he says “Tuck in big boy.” The expression “tuck in” is means to eat with enthusiasm.

  4. He said “Had a couple of drinks down the pub”
    English people often say “down” instead of “in”, “at” or “to”. For example, “I’m just going down the post office”.
    This is actually the origin of the word “downtown”. British use the word “town” to mean the centre of the town or city. So when someone says, “I’m going into town to do some shopping,” they could also say, “I’m going down town…” and so at some point these two words became joined to become “downtown”. This is why we never use a preposition before “downtown”. For example, we say “I’m going downtown”, and NOT “I’m going to downtown” – because the first part of the word “downtown” is actually the preposition.

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