YT Video Topic: Jay Leno’s J-Walking updated

Jay Leno, a very famous US TV presenter, has a segment of his TV show where he goes out into the street to talk to people, asking them questions that he believes are simple. The purpose is to show American that their own education system is very poor. I feel it’s unusual for Americans to put America down, whereas the British put themselves down regularly.

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  1. Jay Leno is the man who appears at 1:47.
    He asks about a “Parisian landmark”. The standard American pronunciation is as he said it: パリジャン whereas British say パリズィアン (sorry if my katakana is not natural in this case!). I can see how the word may not be familiar to all Americans, particularly if their region pronounces it like the British, which may be the case.

  2. What incorrectly answered question are you most shocked about?
    Perhaps “Name two countries in Europe?” Answer: Don’t know.
    Or maybe “Which two countries border the United States?” Answer: Don’t know.
    That second one, remember, the lady is American!

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