YT Video Topic: Richard Ayoade (again)

This time Richard is accompanied on his travels by comedian Noel Fielding. Fielding is somewhat of an unusual comedian – both in his Gothic appearance and his style of comedy. He’s very good on game shows and talk shows as he is quick-witted and always very nice to, and about, everybody. He has an air of childlike innocence about him, I feel.

At about 4:40 Richard said something that the lady didn’t understand. Nevertheless, she said “Yes,” which I think was because she wasn’t enjoying having a conversation with them, perhaps because they weren’t taking it seriously. Can you catch what Ayoade had said, and why was it supposed to be funny?
Just after that Fielding made a comment as a half joke, half question. What was his comment?

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  1. The lady said that in her community there are no cars. Ayoade replied that it was a good way to keep Jeremy Clarkson out of the community.
    Jeremy Clarkson was the main presenter of Top Gear, the BBC’s number one TV show. He was always very controversial, he didn’t care much about the environment, only about horsepower and speed. He made several inappropriate comments on TV and finally he was fired for hitting the producer. Consequently, Ayoade thought it would be funny to say that they could keep Clarkson out by having no cars at all. She didn’t understand but I felt that she didn’t care either, as she wasn’t really interested in them once she realised that they were comedians just looking for laughs.
    Earlier, the lady had said that no running was allowed in the community because people will be nervous, as they may think that police are raiding the community. They have a lot of drugs in there which the Dutch police seem to ignore, but they are always a bit concerned about the possibility. When Fielding saw a jogger, he said, “It slightly goes against the no-running rule.” It was said sarcastically. I don’t think she replied.

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