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In Japan, do celebrities talk like this about meeting the Emperor?
Is it actually common for celebrities to meet the Emperor?
Tom Hanks mentioned something that was new to him, perhaps because he isn’t British. He learned how to address (speak to) the Queen, because we never say the word “queen” to her. What was the rule that he told us? (Hint – it’s right at the end of his story)

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  1. The man sitting next to Tom Hanks is actor Simon Pegg. His story of meeting the queen was based around the line “I thought I broke her!” As you can see by his story-telling, the Queen suddenly stopped and was silent, but why was this?

  2. The lady guest is Nicole Scherzinger, former member of The Pussycat Dolls. She performed to, and met, Prince Charles.
    Did you catch the title of the song she performed? Why did Norton and the audience laugh about this so much?

  3. Simon Pegg stated that the Queen has somebody telling her in her earpiece who the guests are, because she doesn’t know most of them. When she came to Pegg, she seemed not to get any message; perhaps her assistant also didn’t know who Pegg was! So she looked at him waiting to get some information. It is well-known that if one meets the Queen, one should not speak until spoken to, so he had to wait until she took the initiative to ask him what he did.

  4. Scherzinger and The Pussycat Dolls sang their big hit “Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?” to Prince Charles. Well, everybody in the studio laughed at this, and it was a little unkind really. Many people make fun of Camilla, Prince Charles’s wife, because compared to Diana she isn’t glamorous, beautiful, fashionable – in other words, she is everything the opposite of what people loved about Diana. Nobody understands how he could prefer Camilla to Diana. I always feel sorry for Camilla when the media and comedians ridicule her.

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