A pint of ale, please.

British don’t often use the word ‘beer’ because in English it describes a wide variety of types of drink. British beer is varied, like its cheese. There is lager (like most Japanese beer), bitter, stout, porter, cider, mild and ale.

イギリスのパブやレストランでは、beer という注文の仕方はしません。イギリスのビールは種類が多く、ラガー(日本でビールといえばこれですが)、スタウト(ギネスなど)エール(日本でも地ビールで見かけます)など、種類を言って注文します。グラスはpint(568ml)かHalf a pint です。イギリスに行かれたら、A pint of ~,please.と注文してみてください。大阪でもイギリスのビールやサイダー(お酒ですのでご注意)を置いているお店がありますので、下記でご紹介しています。


The category of  ‘ale’  has many variations within it, and many breweries of each kind. This page shows a long list of British ale breweries. I just counted by name from A to H and it contained over 200! The Royal Hat pub near Yodoyabashi in Osaka sells Newcastle Brown Ale.

Here are some examples:

Newcastle Brown Ale

Here is an example of British porter:
London Porter

Cider is very different in meaning to that of Japan and the US. It is a strong, refreshing beer, usually made from apples. I know one bar in Osaka that sells cider: The Blarney Stone in Umeda. They also sell British ale and Irish Guinness and Kilkenney.
Here is an example:
Magner’s Vintage Cider

Bitter is usually a bit lighter in alcohol, but with a strong aftertaste. Here is an example of a pint of bitter:

Everybody know Guinness, but there are many other stouts, though mostly Irish, not British. Here is an example or English stout:
Samuel Smith Stout

Milds have lower alcohol but a strong caramel taste: