English has many synonyms for the word “big”. New words are added regularly to common usage.

Of course, the well-known words are:

large, huge, giant, great, enormous, jumbo

But other words include:

massive, ginormous (a combination of giant and enormous), immense, gargantuan, megalithic, bumper, whopping, mega, humungous, almighty, epic, mighty, sizeable, gigantic.

There are many which are used in specific situations. For example, to mean “tall” or “high” we have lofty, towering. For “wide space” we have vast, extensive, voluminous, mountainous. For a negative meaning like “too big” we have oversized, monstrous, unwieldly, cumbersome, elephantine, inordinate, overgrown, outsized, and many more.

There are also many words to mean “big” relating to a person’s figure also, but many of these are impolite.