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Interesting words: Mint

As it’s now the time when many people go to see the cherry blossom at the Osaka Mint, here are some related words: Mint is a place where money is made. So, we sometimes use the word relating “lots of

Interesting words: “Ps and Qs”

There is an expression: “Mind your Ps and Qs!” said angrily by someone when they feel the other person has not been polite or respectful. The ‘P’ refers to ‘please’ and the ‘Q’ refers to ‘thank you’. Why ‘Q’? Well,

Interesting Words – whatnot

The word “whatnot” is used to mean “and other related things”, or simply “etc”. It can also mean “miscellaneous items”; and synonyms for this include “bric-a-brac”, “knicknack” (countable) and “knicknackery” (uncountable). Here is an example I saw today from somebody’s

Interesting Words: Summerize (not summarize)

Like my previous word, unpresidented, this is an invented word based on an existing word. This time, there is not meaningful connection between the existing word, summarized (UK summarised) and the new word, summerized. Well, it means to prepare for

Interesting words: “unpresidented” (new word)

The words “unprecedented”, meaning never to have happened previously, has been morphed into a new word “unpresidented”, meaning that a president acts in a way that no president has ever done before. It was used to describe Trump’s outbursts on

Interesting words: hullabaloo

As hullabaloo sounds funny it has been used many times for names of restaurants, theatre groups, events, shops etc. It means a loud, confused noise. For example, “There was quite a hullabaloo outside after the local team won the football

Interesting words: doohickey

when you see something that you don’t know the name of, and probably don’t even know the function of, you can call it a doohickey. For example, “I’ve finished assembling this IKEA wardrobe, but what on earth am I supposed