Brassed Off!

British sometimes say “I was really brassed off with him,” for example, to mean angry or annoyed.
The British film “Brassed Off” is on NHKBSプレミアム tonight (6/3) at 9pm, and stars Ewan McGregor. The movie title is a word play with two meanings: The main characters are coal miners in the 1980s, and focus their lives around their brass band, but Thatcher’s government is closing down the coal mines, making everyone in the industry very angry and worried about their futures. I recommend this film for comedy, drama, social comment and beautiful music.
イギリス人は、‘怒る’という意味で’brassed off’と言います。今夜NHKBSプレミアム午後9時に放送される、イギリス映画の‘Brassed Off’ は、ブラスバンドのブラスと、怒り、の二つの意味があり、サッチャー時代の炭鉱夫たちを、笑いあり、涙あり、美しい音楽ありで描く秀作です。お勧めの映画ですので、ご興味のある方はぜひご覧ください。