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Some of our recommended places to visit in Britain

Here are a few photos taken on my smartphone in London in September:                  

This is the route I took recently, and I thought it was such a nice way to see much of central London that I want to share it with everyone. [huge_it_slider id=”10″]

The South Bank of London usually describes a length of the South side of The Thames between Lambeth and Southwark, though some people would disagree with my imperssion! That’s what the South Bank means to me, anyway. The South Bank …

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There are many old manor houses in the UK, that are open to the public. They are not usually very cheap, but ones owned by the National Trust are usually reasonable. The Vyne, near Basingstoke in Hampshire is an example …

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In central London there is an interesting street for taking a walk and looking at very old buildings such as The Royal Courts Of Justice. [huge_it_slider id=”6″]

Between the towns of Basingstoke and Andover, in Hampshire, is the picturesque village of St Mary Bourne. [huge_it_slider id=”7″]

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Of course, Japan also has a summer solstice, but because the UK is much further north, the UK summer solstice is much longer, with sunrise around 4:30am, and sunset around …

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