British cheese is one of Britain’s best contributions to the world of food! In fact, there are more varieties produced in Britain than in France. Take a look at this list on Wikipedia; it’s very long! Any large supermarket will have a dedicated cheese counter, and they usually give samples upon request. Harrods has a very famous cheese counter.

イギリスには、有名なEnglish Cheddarはじめ、たくさんの種類のチーズがあり、フランスより多いんですよ。大手スーパーマーケットにはチーズカウンターがあり、試食ができるお店もあります。ハロッズにもチーズカウンターがありますので、ロンドンへ行かれたら、ぜひ、英国チーズをお試しください。

This page has many photos of the Harrods cheese counter.

Here are good introductions to British cheese: The British Cheese Board and The Fine Cheese Co. Ltd.




Blue Stilton


Red Leicester