Children In Need

Children In Need is a charity run by BBC for children in hospital, or in children’s homes. Every year in Novemeber, the BBC and Children In Need run many events and special programmes to promote the charity, culminating in a big concert featuring many stars of many kinds of music, including pop singers, rock bands, choirs and musical casts.. This year’s concert was the 33rd time.

Children In Need は、病院や孤児院にいる子どもたちのために、BBCが行うチャリティーです。毎年11月に、特別番組や、音楽界のトップスターたちが参加する大規模なコンサートが行われます。今年のコンサートで33回目です。

People all round Britain join in with Children In Need, holding their own events to raise money for the charity.
Here are some commercials promoting individuals trying different ways to raise money. Usually in Britain, people promise to do something difficult or embarrassing, and people agree donate money if they complete their promise.

イギリス中の人々がそれぞれ、様々なイベントを企画し、寄付を集めます。一般の人々が寄付を集める様子をうつした、Children In Need のTVコマーシャルをご紹介しましょう。よく行われるのは、誰かが難しいことや恥ずかしいことに挑戦し、やり遂げることができたら、まわりの人が寄付をする、という方法です。



Here is a video explaining how the money raised was used:



Here is part of the finale concert: