Confusable Words #6 Japanese English Extra Words

Here is a list of Japanese English two-word phrases which only need to be one word in English:

Yellow colour (but you can say ‘the color yellow’)
Summer season
Mug cup
Bingo game
Early time
Gravy sauce
Guard  man (or ‘security guard’)
Green peas
Kagawa player (famous people are often referred to by family name only, or full name, but if you think the listener doesn’t know him, you can say ‘football player Kagawa’)
Funeral ceremony
Wedding party A ‘wedding’ is the whole event – ceremony, reception and party… However, if you attend only one part of the wedding then yes, it is correct to say ‘wedding party’, ‘wedding reception’ or ‘wedding ceremony’.


I will add more later. If you have any ideas, please tell me.