Confusable words #10: without/except

Quiz: Which word is correct? (Answers below)
1) I can play all rock instruments except/without drums.
2) He passed all his exams except/without maths.
3) Don’t go out today except/without an umbrella.
4) Today we will discuss next year’s budget topics, except/without salary increase.
5) I’m not ready yet, so go ahead except/without me.
6) She went home except/without apologizing for the error.
7) Everyone was satisfied except/without me.
8) You can put all trash into this bag except/without plastic.
9) I shouldn’t try to do this except/without fully understanding it.
10) This restaurant serves all kinds of Japanese food except/without sashimi.

“Except” is used to mean that something/somebody is not present in the situation, or not part of the situation.
For example:
“I like all music except jazz.”
“Everybody attended the meeting except John.”
“I work every day except Saturdays and Sundays.”
“I always have breakfast except on Sundays.”

“Without” means that something/somebody was excluded, but that all others were present.
For example:
“They started the meeting without John because he was late.”
“He answered without hesitation.”
“I worked all day without a break.”
“I left home this morning without having breakfast.”

Quiz answers:
1)except 2)except 3)without 4)except 5)without 6)without 7)except 8)except 9)without 10)except