Lord Mayor’s Show


The Lord Mayor Of London is elected every year – and is not the same person as the Mayor Of London. The Mayor (currently Boris Johnson) is the head of Greater London. The Lord Mayor is mayor of the City Of London, a smaller area within Greater London which now houses the financial district. The Lord Mayor’s Show has been held every for 798 years, and is one of the oldest surviving events in London. The Lord Mayor used to be a very influential position, and the show reflects this in a street parade on the day of the new Lord Mayor being inaugurated. It contains a combination of the traditional British pageantry and modern carnival fun. The procession is much longer than the route – in fact the leading participants of the parade finish before the Lord Mayor leaves his residence.

The Lord Mayor Of London は、毎年選出されます。the Mayor Of London(ロンドン市長、現在はBoris Johonson)とは異なり、金融の中心the city の代表者です。かつては大きな権力を持ち、就任式のパレードは、798年前より毎年、現在も執り行なわれます。イギリスの伝統とお祭りとしての楽しみが混ざり合ったパレードです。短いルートにも関わらず、パレードの列が大変長く、最後尾のthe Lord Mayor が列に参加するまでに、始めの方のパレードはすでに終わっています。

If you are ever visiting London in November, it is worthwhile checking the schedule on the official website. This year it was on the 9th, and there were over 7000 participants, 21 bands, 150 horses and 23 carriages and hundreds of other vehicles.