May Day

May Day is a traditional day of festivities in the UK and much of Europe, though in the UK it is not a national holiday; the holiday falls on the first Monday of May, this year being May 5th.


May Day activities vary around the country, but one common theme is Maypole Dancing. There is a tall pole (about 4 metres high) with coloured ribbons attached to the top, and people hold one ribbon each and dance around the pole.



In Oxford, for example, it is traditional for people to gather at 6am on May 1st outside the beautiful and historical Magdalen College of Cambridge University to listen to the college choir sing madrigals.


In Notting Hill, London, there is a May Day music performance at St John’s Church. This concert marks the start of the Notting Hill Mayfest, which has many public events from May 1st to 17th, including children’s Maypole dancing.

ノッテイングヒルではSt John’s Church で行われるメーデー演奏会からノッテイングヒルメイフェスト(5/1-17)がスタートし、 子どもたちによるメイポールダンシングを含む、さまざまなイベントが開催されます。
There is a large May Day rally in London, but this is not really a tourist event. It is rather political, and features speeches by trade unions.