Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in the UK is usually at the end of March, though the date varies year by year. Like many British events, it is a combination of Christian and secular. An old Christian custom called Mothering Sunday has been combined with the imported American holiday of Mother’s Day. They are unrelated, though most people are unaware of the two separate events.
The modern British Mother’s Day is similar to Japan’s. Children give their mothers flowers, chocolates and a small gift, and they usually make breakfast for her to eat in bed.

イギリスの母の日は、3月下旬の日曜日で、年により変わります。クリスチャンのMothering Sunday と、アメリカ風Mother’s Day が、一緒になり、日本のように、お花(カーネーションとは限りません)やプレゼントを贈ります。子どもたちは、その日はお母さんより早く起きて朝食をつくり、ベッドで食べられるように運んであげるのだそうです。