New Weekly Feature

I think most people want and need to experience more native spoken English regularly besides a lesson once a week, but that most people don’t know where to get the chance to do this.

So, from now on instead of posting a full YouTube Transcription on Thursdays, I will post a new series of YouTube videos for discussion. The purpose is to try to encourage everyone to use English to discuss the video in any way at all, short or long.
The videos will always be short and chosen because of their content – always naturally spoken, communicative English, mostly unscripted. At first, each video will have only a few comments and/or questions. After some time I will add more comments or questions if nobody joins in.
I’m hoping visitors will add their own questions about the content, and also answer my questions, as well as adding comments about the English used or the topic content.
You can post a topic, comment or question without your real name, but it is better if you always use the same name to make communication easier.

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