News Exercise #116

1 What expression used means that the difference is large?
2 What was the Trump supporter’s claim? (Please note that “claim” does not mean “complain” as in Japanese-English)
3 What does Trump mean by “We can’t afford to be so politically correct”?
4 Do you know why some people are saying that Trump might actually be a Democrat? (This is not in the video)

1 The reporter said that Trump was “streets ahead” of his rivals.
2 He said that the US needs a fresh, new face, fresh new speech (he said “speak”), to get back down to reality to protect the country and to do what it takes (means what is needed) to make the US great again.
3 He thinks that being politically correct results in people not saying what they believe, and not doing what is necessary.
4 Some think that he is destroying the Republican Party’s chance of success, and that perhaps he is an undercover Democrat.


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