News Exercise #118

1. In the introduction, news anchor George Stephanopoulos used an adjective to describe Trump’s vocabulary when talking about Clinton. What word did he use, and what did he mean?
He said that Trump had used “colourful language”, which means the vocabulary he used was impolite, perhaps abusive and offensive – not only offensive to Clinton but to people hearing such words. I don’t know what word he used but I can guess from his mouth shape.
2. Why does Trump feel he deserves an apology for Clinton’s comment that ISIS is using the video of Trump to recruit jihadists?
Clinton’s administration (staff) have provided no evidence for the claim.
3. All Democrat candidates say they would love to run against Trump. What could be their public reason for saying this, and what does Trump assume is the real reason for saying this?
Their reason is that running against Trump would mean an easy win for them, as Trump has no chance of winning, but Trump thinks (whether this is true or not isn’t known) they say this as “the smart thing to say”, meaning that Democrats want to hear a confident candidate for leader.
4. After talking about the Miss Universe mistake, they return to the main topic. According to Trump, who will be the two final leaders fighting for presidency?
He thinks it will he him and Clinton.

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