News Exercise #121

1 Which division of the Iranian military arrested them?
It was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
2 what reasons were proposed by the reporter for the US boats being in Iranian water?
He said that perhaps the boats had broken down or had made a navigation error.
3 How does this occurrence compare with a previous similar one?
In 2007 some British Navy sailors were detained for several weeks. This time they were Americans and it lasted only several hours.
4 What reasoning did Iran use to release them so soon?
They said, “We have concluded that the passage of Americans in our territorial waters was not a hostile passage or for espionage or a similar act.
5 What idiom was used to mean to “show one’s power”?
He said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard sometimes “flex their muscles”.
6 What was probably the real reason for the quick release?
The Iranian government hope to see the sanctions imposed by the west being lifted because there has been an agreement over Iran’s nuclear programmes. The sanction they are hoping to have lifted will allow Iran to sell oil on the global market.

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