News Exercise #28

First, please watch this news video from BBC, then answer the questions below.

1) How does the band describe their genre? (0:50)
2) How does the singer describe the law of rock music in Iran? (0:58)
3) What are the three things that are prohibited, and what one thing is allowed?
4) When was there rock music in Iran, and what caused it to stop?
5) Does he feel life in Iran is generally safe?
6) At the end, they are laughing but ironically ? what did they say?

1)They are a “minimal, psychedelic indie band”.
2)“Everything’s a little bit illegal, and a little bit not. It depends on how you play it.”
3)They can’t do shows, have fans or promote their music, but they can do covers (songs of other bands)
4)In the 70s, before the revolution.
5)Yes, life in Iran isn’t dangerous if you behave in “certain ways”.
6)They said that they didn’t know what to do in life, and that there was nothing else (other than their music). else (other than their music).