News Exercise #37


1) Explain the reason the car looks like it does.
2) Where can this car be seen often?
3) Is there anywhere that already allows this car?
4) What effort has been made for safety?
5) What is the condition required for testing this on public roads?
6) What is one legal hurdle for these cars?

1) It’s designed to be non-threatening, to help the acceptance of these vehicles.
2) They have become a common sight around the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.
3) A couple of US states allow them, for example in California.
4) The windshield is made from a flexible plastic, and the shape of the front of the car is pedestrian-friendly.
5) They allow them under the condition that they have driving controls added (steering wheel and pedals).
6) The law is not yet clear about who is liable in various situations.